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From the January 2020 Newsletter

2019 has been a remarkable year for our Minneapolis/St. Paul TTN community. We became the 14th official chapter of TTN in June.  Over 70 women, including TTN Executive Director Susan Collins, attended our “Celebrate TTN” event in May. Our membership reached 90 members this Fall and shows all indications of continued growth. And, as a result of the diverse interests and leadership of our talented members, our Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and Transition Peer Groups (TPGs) have multiplied significantly.
We are appreciative of our members, participants in our events and programs, and those who have TTN on their radar screen for possible future involvement. With our exceptional community of women our 2020 vision is for continued opportunities to connect, discover, and create impact through TTN. Wishing everyone a wonderful New Year!

From the December 2019 Newsletter

Thanking Barbara O’Sullivan and Welcoming Her to Our Leadership Team
It is important to recognize Barbara O’Sullivan for all she has contributed to our TTN Chapter. I first had the pleasure of meeting Barbara at a very early meeting during the initial formation of our MSP TTN Chapter. At that time Barbara was still working and was involved with many other activities and commitments and did not have time to join and participate in TTN. Instead, Barbara recommended TTN to others and invited me to present to an annual Conference for Women in Government about TTN. She ensured that TTN had exposure and helped increase our visibility to a community of women she was connected to. So even when she was unable to fully participate as a member herself, she was marketing TTN and sharing information about our chapter with others.
Since she retired about three years ago, Barbara has been more actively involved in TTN. She has attended a variety of programs, events and social occasions. At our May 18th Celebration she hosted a table with information about our chapter SIGs and TPGs, created relevant handouts, and managed an interest survey including the following up to connect survey respondents, based on their interests or inquiries on the survey, with SIG or TPG leaders or Steering Committee members.
Additionally, Barbara has been instrumental in creating and developing our Transition Peer Groups (TPGs) over the past two and a half years. Originally, she responded to a request from Eleni Skevas for ideas for new Transition Peer Groups by offering to launch a TPG:  The Living with Purpose Transition Peer Group is in their third year and going strong.

Each year our Chapter holds informational meetings for TTN members to learn about TPGs and see if there is interest in starting new TPGs. Barbara helped Steering Committee members facilitate these meetings last year and this year she led them on her own. The Life Animated TPG began about a year ago and a new daytime TPG in the West Metro area began this Fall. That’s a great track record:  a new TPG each year and Barbara shares the credit for that! Please thank Barbara when you get a chance!
Informally, Barbara has been providing leadership for the creation and launch of our Chapter Transition Peer Groups. Transition Peer Groups (TPGs) are small groups who meet to discuss topics from career transitions to changing family relationships to the benefits and challenges of aging. Each group selects its own topics and shares group facilitation and guidance. TTN provides resources to help these groups get started and flourish.
Barbara has valuable background and experience in group process and is skilled at facilitation and her style is consistent with our TPG collaborative leadership model. As a growing Chapter we want to formally recognize her role as Transition Peer Group Lead and as a member of our Leadership Team. Barbara’s role is to oversee all activities related to creation and maintenance of transition peer groups and ensure that all peer groups are functioning in accordance with guidelines and best practices
Each of the TPGs has strong collaborative leadership within the group and operates independently according to TTN guidelines. However, they also have the added benefit of consulting Barbara if they ever want to tap into her experience and expertise. Please join me in welcoming Barbara to our Leadership Team! 

From November 2019 Newsletter

Please Join Me in Welcoming Erin Campbell to the Steering Committee!
Our Leadership Team is excited that Erin Campbell has committed to joining our team. Erin has been a member of TTN for about a year and has already been involved in a full spectrum of TTN activities and events. Erin has participated in several quarterly programs and social events including contributing her talents to the success of the Silent Auction, the fundraising component of our May 18th Celebration. Erin is a member of a number of TTN Special Interest Groups as well as a Transition Peer Group. Please read about Erin in the information below to learn about her background, experience and perspective which will be assets to her work on the TTN Leadership Team.