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Home Design Workshop -- for TTN members only

Thursday, October 29, 2015
2:00 - 3:30PM
Location: Upper East Side: Address will be emailed to you after Registration.
Contact: Sandy Merrill

Does having a beautiful home make you happy? Our very own TTN member Rosa Lee Emerson, a psychologist passionate about design, will discuss bringing the "inner" and "outer" you together in your home design.
Rosa Lee will discuss a variety of elements that are instrumental in home design including: how you want to feel in your home; the influence of color on home design; classic, romantic, bohoemian and eclectic home design; what to do when you and your partner differ on home decor; and how your home decor influences what others think about you.

Following a short discussion, the attendees will be divided into small groups, to discuss and design a hypothetical apartment. Rosa Lee invites attendees to bring pictures of selected rooms as well as photos of selected areas from their own homes that they have questions about. The groups will then come together to share the rooms they have designed.

Space is very limited. This event will take place on the Upper East Side. Address will be emailed to you after Registration.

Please Note:
Payments by check must be received 7 DAYS before the event, or registration
will be cancelled.

Refunds only available for cancellations at least 7 DAYS before the event.