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The Transition Network was founded on a promise to create a welcoming place where professional women over 50 can get to know each other well and create intimate, supportive relationships with each other.  Our members say things like “TTN has saved my life!” and “I can’t believe I made a new best friend at the age of 65!”  We have a profoundly positive effect on our members’ lives because building friendships is our first priority.
We embrace all women over the age of 50 – particularly those who are going through a major transition in their lives, such as leaving a career, moving, or losing a partner.  What our members have in common is a positive attitude, an eagerness to connect, and a drive to continue to learn and grow no matter what their age.


Here is what some of our members have said about their experience at TTN.
“I love the idea of being with other women who are going through transitions – saying goodbye to old ways, figuring out next steps, and finding new beginnings.”
~ Member in Chicago
“It’s sort of like going back to high school, where you had your four or five best friends, and you went out after school and sat around drinking cokes and eating french fries.  You have a group that you belong to.  You are rooted in something.  You have a home base.”
~ Member on Long Island, New York
“You know, there’s something about women friends.  You can’t compare it to anything else.  I have gone through challenges in the last several years.  My husband is very supportive, but it’s my TTN friends who have really helped me through.”
~ Member in Boston
“TTN helps me grow.  It gives me new ideas that I have’t thought about.  It gives me perspectives that I haven’t considered.”
~ Member in Santa Fe

“There’s the financial aspect of retiring but there’s also the emotional:  What will I do?  How do I give up this identity that I’ve got from work?  Will I be bored?  Plus I’m really stressed, because it’s a very go-go world, in a professional career.  My friends at TTN helped me to see a path; to see that there was another side.  And I wanted to go to that other side.”
~ Member in Minnesota
“When I think about what my life would have been like without TTN and the connections I have made, I think it would have been hard for me.  I’m an outgoing person, I have a lot of friends, but I needed something more than that.  I needed people who understood what it meant for me to give up what I had been doing for over 40 years and look for something new.”
~ Member in Atlanta
“I’ve learned that if you put yourself out there, and you take risks, interesting things – very good things – can happen.  I never in the world thought I’d end up being an artist.  Never.  The women I met at TTN encouraged me and were very supportive.  Other women in my TTN groups have found second and third things to do in their lives as well.  And it’s not just filling time, or wasting time, but it’s using time in a very productive way.” 
~ Member in New York City


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