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Introducing our TTN Featured Author 

- Marcia Smalley, TTN PR Team Member 
It's time to introduce the newest TTN Featured Author: Susan Goldfein. Susan Goldfein, born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, "recharged an old interest in writing" after she retired. She currently maintains a popular blog An Unfiltered Wit, on which she writes "short witty essays," and has completed her latest book, How Old Am I in Dog Years? Discover the journey of our latest Featured Author by reading the interview below, conducted by TTN PR Team Member, Marcia Smalley.

Life Beyond The Label  
- Courtesy of The Transition Network New York City Chapter
Members of The Transition Network who love the city but love Mother Earth, too, might like to follow the example set by NYC Chapter Finance Chair, Maria Tardugno. For the past four years, Maria has been volunteering for the Central Park Conservancy, which is charged with maintaining that icon of public space, Manhattan's great Central Park.  Spotting green-shirted workers in the park, her curiosity spurred her to go to the internet and find out who these dedicated park care-givers were. 

Baby Boomers Are Finding a Second Career in Politics
- The NY Times
Steven Ponto was a senior lawyer at a financial services technology company when it was sold in 2009. Some colleagues were relocating to Jacksonville, Fla., the headquarters of the new parent, but he didn't want to leave the small city outside Milwaukee where he had lived since 1990. He chose a severance package and considered a second career. Friends encouraged Mr. Ponto to run for mayor of his city, Brookfield, Wis. He spent about $20,000 on the campaign. "I wanted to bring professionalism to the mayor's office," said Mr. Ponto.
How Baby Boomers Will Change Philanthropy
- The Wall Street Journal
Jonathan Guyton is principal at Cornerstone Wealth Advisors Inc., a fee-only advisory firm in Minneapolis. Billion-dollar charitable donations and pledges from the likes of Bill GatesWarren Buffettand now Mark Zuckerberg have been big news in recent years.  But under the radar lie millions more-over five million, according to Nielsen-retired and soon-to-retire "affluent" households with net worth of $1 million and above. More important than their current count is this group's growth: faster than any other wealth cohort.