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A Message from Carol Oswald, Board President

February 1, 2016

After 24 years in marketing, management and consulting services at IBM, I made a leap to redefine how I wanted to spend my time. I wanted to leverage the skills I had developed, but in new ways. Going back to school (for massage therapy!) was invigorating, and starting my own business was challenging.  But it helped me to reframe who I was and how I wanted to live my life....with a big focus on taking better care of myself.
What better way to take care of myself and re-direct my skills than to become a member of TTN! I love being with such smart, funny, creative, and caring women. I was invited to join the Chapter Steering Committee to help with marketing and communications, then stepped in to be the Chapter Lead.  Becoming a member of the Board of Directors has given me access to even more women all across the country whose lives were enriched by TTN. 
TTN continues to engage me to take on new challenges.  It is always an honor to serve in a leadership role, but I am especially honored to be elected to serve as the Board President for this organization.  I hope that I will serve all of you well in the coming years. 
Looking back on the past few years, we have strengthened TTN with more resources and a foundation on which we can grow.  One of the challenges of our growth is maintaining consistent and effective cross-organizational communications. We have so much to share, and so much we can do together to reach more women in transition! 
One of my first goals is to focus on reaching out to each of you, so you can be part of the discussion, part of the planning. We all want to connect with more women in our communities who need what we can offer. We want to add more value to each of our members.
So this year we will be working on:
  • Enhancing our Members' experiences through our latest Signature Programs
    • continue to roll out the Women in Transition Workshop (WIT)
    • develop and roll out follow-up workshops to WIT 
    • develop programming for our National Members, and 
    • share the creative work of our Chapters that have programs such as Caring Collaborative and TTN-Home.
  • Supporting our Chapter leaders - through personal outreach and education
  • Continuing to strengthen our financial foundation, so we can expand the resources that we all share.
I plan to send regular updates on what your Board of Directors is working on.  And in collaboration with our Executive Director, Susan Collins, we will be in more direct communication on a regular basis.
This won't happen all at once, of course.  But I want to start the conversation by sharing what is currently being worked on with the Board and in our Chapters. And I encourage your help and involvement in bringing it all together.
More details will be shared in the coming weeks, so stay tuned - and stay in touch!