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A Message from Barbara Beizer, Board President 2013-2015

December 17, 2015

It has been a privilege and an honor to serve as President of TTN’s Board for the past two years. And,  I’m incredi-bly proud of the enormous amount of work that we have done together.  

When I joined TTN, I had no idea what would bring purpose or meaning to my life.  I found the TTN community to be enormously stimulating, and the opportunities for volunteering and leading incredibly energizing and rewarding.

My intention as Board President has been to make sure that we have the structure, strategy, processes and programs to sustain our success as a the premier national network for women 50 + in transition,  and to strengthen our capacity to deliver on our mission. 

We are now well into our second year of our strategic plan, led by JoAnne Daleo, our Board Vice President of Strat-egy.  Goals for last year were all about strengthening our structure and setting the stage for this year’s focus on growing and delivering programs and services for our members.  

Every board member now serves on one or more committees with board leaders and a mix of chapter and board members; every committee sets coordinated objectives, and communicates progress through quarterly reporting.   In this way, we have established a proactive working board culture that benefits our planned growth over time.  Special thanks goes to our Standing Committee heads for their tireless dedication, service and leadership:

•    Linda Paige Levine, Board Secretary, Executive Committee, Nominating and Governance
•    Marlene Gerber, Board Treasurer, Executive Committee, Audit and Finance Committee
•    JoAnne D’Aleo, VP, Strategy and Planning, Executive Committee

Here are some of our most important results and projects in process (current working committee leads in parenthe-ses)

•    Organizational shared values
•    Revised financial processes
•    Strategic planning process
•    Board nomination and succession process
•    Staff performance management process
•    Revised bylaws and Chapter Charter
•    Branding Manual
•    First national Giving Tuesday campaign for the National Domestic Violence Hotline
•    Chapter Resource Center for chapter leaders
•    Transition Resource Center for members
•    Expansion of TTN Signature Programs, including our core Transition Peer Groups, the Women in Transition Workshop, and a program on Resilience being developed for delivery in 2016 (Member Experience Committee, led by Chrissa Merron and Carol Oswald)
•    Chapter Leader Orientation (Susan Collins)
•    Chapter Leadership Development program in development for 2016 (Leadership Development Committee, led by Dale Davis and Jean Palmer)
•    Increased focus on TTN fundraising (Development Committee, led by Susan Collins and Barbara Hoenig)

In June of 2015, we held a Leadership Retreat in Santa Fe, an event planned by a team led by Marlene Gerber.  Representatives of every chapter and board members spent two days together sharing chapter and leadership best practices and providing input to the development of Phase II of our strategic plan thus helping to shape the future of TTN.

This inspiring Retreat experience underscored the importance of frequent, clear communication and engagement between chapter leaders, the board and staff, and the need for more support for programming, impact activities, membership, and leadership development.  In addition to the current actions and programs reflected in our strategic plan, a major outcome is the start of Chapter Leaders Connect, a monthly conference call where chapter leaders continue to share with each other.

I want to extend my deepest gratitude to everyone on the board including all mentioned above, plus Ellen Bartoldus, Dale Davis, Diane Levine, Jean Palmer, Mariann Zylstra, Wanda Olson, and Carole Davis who have each contributed an enormous amount of time, seasoned experience and skills.  

And, we certainly could not have done all this without our committed and talented Executive Director, Susan Collins, and all our amazing Chapter leaders, as well as everyone who makes our TTN community a vibrant place to successfully navigate change and figure out what’s next for our post-50 lives.  

I am confident and excited to hand over the role of president to Carol Oswald at the end of this month.  Carol has been a strong chapter leader in Central Ohio and a board member for over two years.  Her excellent skills and expe-rience are just what we need to keep moving forward and growing.  

I now find myself on the brink of yet another transition, moving more into the world of transition coaching and program development.  I remain an active TTN board member, committed to ensuring your experience as a TTN member is as rich and rewarding as mine continues to be.  

I wish you all a very happy, healthy and inspirational new year!  B2