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2014 Goals - How Are We Doing?

June 23, 2014

I.  Increase TTN national visibility

2014 has seen some famous people reaching out to us to provide content for their literary efforts, and, subsequently, support them as they spoke about the power of reinventing and reimagining this stage of our lives.  Jane Pauley and Marlo Thomas, who have limitless visibility, toured the country and visited many of our chapter cities.  Our members turned out to listen, learn and be acknowledged as movers and shakers of the future. 

TTN is one of the organizations invited to become part of “Encore Nation.”  Betsy Werley, our formed Executive Director, is bringing together leaders and organizations in the field of positive aging, to help bring awareness and support to each other as we endeavor to support our members.

And we were on the radio - I made my debut on Bloomberg Radio, interviewed by Charles Pellett.  Click here to hear the discussion on ageism in the workplace, among other things.

II. Enhance the member experience

The Marketing-Branding Committee conducted a comprehensive survey of our members earlier this year, which we’ve been reporting on in our newsletters.  We had a significant response, which indicates that our members are very engaged.  We are learning more every day about what's important to you and what you want to see TTN become.  The data is very powerful and continues to inform our decisions in a number of areas. 

As you may have noticed, our newsletters have changed.  We are bringing you more news and resources that will enable you to connect with one another, discover what's important to you and realize the impact of TTN women.  These newsletters are sent to a distribution list of over 7,000 people and are read regularly by nearly 40 percent.

We have committees that are working on the development of TTN 'signature' programs which will focus specifically on transition and resiliency.  These will be unique to TTN and will be coming soon to a chapter and website near you!

Later this year we will unveil a branding manual that will help our chapters present TTN, its mission and values to women in their communities.  As we grow, we need to ensure consistency in certain aspects of what we do while allowing each chapter to add their unique voice to our message.

III. Establish a foundation for TTN financial stability
With the standardization of our dues structure, the Finance Committee has helped us take a giant step towards building a solid financial foundation for TTN.  Along with this, we are building strong processes around our financial management and the Development Committee is ready to develop a strategy to realize other revenue opportunities in an effort to keep us strong. 

Our back-office operations are also undergoing great change, some of which may not be as visible to the member-at-large as they are to steering committee members who are so important to making this organization work.  We are ready to do a major review of the back-end of the website in an effort to make it more user-friendly while at the same time providing more useful data on which to base strategic decisions.  This will be a long-term improvement based on good research and best practices.

IV. Build and strengthen organizational structure
IV. The development and publication of TTN's Vision by the Communication & Values Committee was a giant step in committing to who we are as an organization.  So many of you wrote to say that when you read the statements, you immediately recognized them as the definition of TTN.  That's as it should be.  We are in organization steeped in the values of Community & Connection, Leadership, Lifelong Learning, Inclusion and Diversity and Impact.  You experience these values every day in the women you meet, work and spend time with.

We are a stronger organization today because of the work our Governance committee has done to re-state our bylaws, attract new members to the board of directors and lay the groundwork for a better understanding of how we all fit together. 

The committees mentioned above are "womened" by over 30 volunteers.  Board members, chapter leaders, steering committee members and members-at-large, from coast to coast, are devoting their time and expertise to help move TTN into the future.  We are all benefiting from their energy and passion for TTN's mission.  If you happen to run into one of these amazing women, please tell her "thank you for all you are doing!"