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The Month At A Glance

 December Events


Get out your calendars!!

Mix & Mingle Dates: January 26 10am
Winter Solstice Party: December 12th
Conscious Aging: A New Paradigm for Aging" Presenter Karen West: Jan. 14
TTN Annual Celebration: May 18

Winter Solstice Party

Wednesday, December 12, 2018    Time: 6:00-8:00pm Central Time
Location: Davanni: 6345 Penn Ave S, near Penn Avenue and the Crosstow

Instead of a monthly Mix and Mingle this December, the Steering Committee decided that a Winter Solstice Party would be better.  

Let’s celebrate our growing community of women during the deepest, darkest part of the year,

So, women of TTN, save the date, December 12, from 6 to 8 pm.  We’ve reserved the party room at the Davanni’s in Richfield. Food and drink, including local craft beer and wine, is available for purchase.  

In the spirit of the season, we’re hoping you’ll bring a holiday candle or LED-lit decoration to add to the festive atmosphere (on loan only, you get to take it home at the end of evening), wear something a bit holidazzling (but still casual, please) and set your mind to having fun!

The restaurant is located at 6345 Penn Ave S, near Penn Avenue and the Crosstown.  We’re hoping that many of you will find it a convenient location. Also, we welcome any creative suggestions for games and other interactive activities.

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Contact: Eleni Skevas at

WELCOME Orientation for New Members

Friday, December 14th     Time: 11:00 - 12:00 PM Central Time
Location: Online Webinar     
Members: FREE     Guest:$5
Registration Deadline: Wednesday, July 18, 2018
Contact: Jennifer Monahan at

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Welcome, New TTN Members! Thank you for joining TTN! We hope you’ve started to connect with new friends and discover the resources to help you in your transition. To help you get the most of your membership, we welcome you to join us for an orientation webinar. Susan Collins, TTN Executive Director will lead this “get to know TTN" webinar along with a guest presenter from one of our chapters. (The webinars are usually offered monthly, however we will take a break from them in August.) Please register above to join this webinar. Prior to the date of the event, you will receive a confirmation of your registration and instructions on how to join the webinar directly from the webinar service. "See" you then! Contact Jennifer Monahan at with questions.

"Conscious Aging: A New Paradigm for Aging"

Monday, January 14th        Time: 6:30-8:30PM
Location: First Universalist Church at 3400 Dupont Avenue South in Minneapolis.

One of our founding chapter members, Karen West, will be facilitating a workshop from 6:30 – 8:30
p.m. at First Universalist Church at 3400 Dupont Avenue South in Minneapolis. Karen says:

“When I retired from my career counseling job in 2012, synchronicity led me to create a whole new life. It all began with the book “Falling Upward: A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life.” On the very first page, the author Richard Rohr told me that there is a “second half” of life, he told me that many people don’t even know that this is true, and most exciting of all, he told me the second half is different from the first. I couldn’t wait to learn more about this second half and how I could make the transition into it. Then in 2013, I discovered The Transition Network, and finally in 2013, I discovered “conscious aging,” “sage-ing,” and Sage-ing International. I became a Certified Sage-ing Leader and a Certified Legacy Facilitator. Now my transition is complete, and I’m loving living in the second half of my life”.

You won’t want to miss this workshop! Instead of just drifting into old age and worrying about the diminishment and loss it will bring, you can choose to become more conscious, more whole, and much happier in this exciting, new life stage. In his book “From Age-ing to Sage-ing,” Rabbi Zalman Schachter- Shalomi provides some “tools” that will help make the last part of our lives the best part of our lives. At this event, Karen will introduce us to one of these life-changing “tools,” and will give us the opportunity to learn more about this second half of life. Karen has been a teacher all her life, and believes this is the most exciting and fulfilling learning and teaching she has ever done. We really hope to see you all on January 14.

Click here to register for this event  

Contact Jill Goski with questions.


You know how busy our Chapter-in-Formation is.  Just a glance at this and other newsletters confirms this.  Active SIG’s, burgeoning Transition Peer Groups, speakers (like Karen West in January), workshops specific to transitioning, and monthly Mix and Mingles and Social Events have filled our calendars.

What you don’t know is that a group of members has been behind the scenes planning a May celebration of all this vitality.  This celebration is the brain-child of Jenell Jacobson, Terri Evans and Jane Carlson.

DATE:   Saturday, May 18, 2019
WHERE: St. Clement’s Episcopal Church in St. Paul

The most exciting news is that we have booked well-known author and humorist Lorna Landvik as our keynote speaker!  Her body of work includes many books about women and their long-term relationships. The planning committee is thrilled that Ms. Landvik is able to join us at our celebration!  For more information regarding Lorna:

Stay tuned for more information about the celebration in the coming newsletters.  In the meantime, do mark your calendars for May 18, 2019.

November Events Recap


On Monday, November 19, 8 women gathered at the Mezz in the Edina Byerlys.  We were in a private room so it was easy to converse as a group. The group was composed of long-time TTN members, new TTN members, and one person who experienced the women of TTN for the first time.  We had good conversation about Thanksgiving, fitness, where we came from, and thoughts about what we want our next step on the journey to be like. We did a great job fulfilling the TTN core value of “Community and Connection”.

SAGE-ING INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE contributed by TTN member, Karen West

On the “” website, you’ll find the following overview of the Sage-ing International conference: “240 elders aspiring to be on a Sage-ing journey and those who serve them came together at the Sage-ing International Conference: Elder Voices Transforming the World: Our Stories in Action, October 25-28, in Chaska, Minnesota, to stand for the well-being of the future. There were seven keynote speakers, over 40 workshop presentations, daily rituals, interactive sessions, fireside chats, walks in nature, music, poetry, film and dance.”

It was all that and so much more! My favorite part, the keynote speakers were Barry Barkan, Richard Leider, Rachael Freed, Yeye Luisah Teish, Bill Thomas, and Matthew Fox. All of their talks were good, but my favorite was Dr. Bill Thomas. I really recommend that you watch his TEDx talk “Elderhood rising—the dawn of a new age.” It is really good, and it will be a good introduction to the TTN program I’m going to present on January 14 (which I hope all of you will come to). The “conscious aging” and “sage-ing” movement is helping elders realize what an exciting and empowering time elderhood can be if—as Bill Thomas says in his TEDx talk—“they are willing to leave “adulthood” behind and enter into “elderhood,” or as I and so many other people say, if you are lucky enough to have discovered that there is a “second half” to life that we can choose to enter. Richard Rohr, in his book “Falling Upward: A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life,” says that the second half of life (should we choose to move into it) is very different from the first half. And he says this “further journey” is a “well-kept secret, for some reason.” The people of Sage-ing International are in on that secret, and they want to share it with you.

Everyone at the Sage-ing International conference learned a lot about being empowered as we age, but the best part of the conference was getting to know the people. I feel like I have been blessed, because I discovered this community and what it has to offer, and I really hope I get the opportunity to share this amazing resource with all the amazing women at The Transition Network.

minneapolis/st. paul  - growing by the day!



The Steering Committee is assessing the requirements for full-fledged chapter status.  According to The ABC’s of Chapter Formation developed by TTN, the Chapter-in-Formation (CIF) needs to:  

  1. sign up 50 paid members
  2. ​have a Steering Committee fulfilling the following roles (ideally with co-leads): leadership, communications, program planning, finance, and capturing information about participation.  According to National, the ideal Steering Committee consists of 5 to 10 members with varying and complementary skills.
  3. offer all four core TTN events including programs, peer/special interest groups, transition activities and community impact programs
  4. use TTN trademarks and logos consistently with national guidelines
  5. sign the chapter agreement
  6. identify a website team of 1 – 3 people including members who post information and those who can pull lists of chapter information
  7. present a plan to grow toward an ideal size of at least 100 members within a few years.

One of the key requirements for official chapter status is achieving a membership of 50.  Our membership currently hovers near 50. Major achievement! Kudos to all our members!

The Steering Committee is working with National TTN to determine which zip codes are in our “catchment area.”  Usually catchment areas are determined by contiguous zip codes. Once our catchment area is finalized, we will verify which members are within our catchment area.

In the event there are members who live outside the catchment area, they will be considered National TTN members, based on National TTN policy.  Their full dues will go to National, while 15% of Chapter member’s dues will be returned to the local Chapter. It is important to remember that National members are always welcome and encouraged to participate in Chapter activities, both here and wherever a Chapter exists.   

The Steering Committee has been working to fulfill each of these requirements.  TTN is a volunteer organization and we recognize the wonderful, talented women in our membership and sincerely welcome any contributions of your talents in this effort.  We have particular needs for specific skills in marketing, communications, and program planning and delivery. Please contact Jill Goski at

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Special Interest Groups and Transition Peer Groups (these are available with paid membership only)

Just a friendly reminder:  We always welcome new women to check out our SIGs along with our many social occasions and programs. Please remember that non-members are welcome to attend SIGs & TPGs for a maximum of two times after which, per national policy, it is required to become a member of TTN to continue SIG/TPG participation.. Joining is easy and economical.  Just go to the TTN website - Click Here!

Let's Do It!  Let's get into Transition Peer Groups! 

Each TPG generates topics of mutual interest and relevance to their current lives.  These topics can be light-hearted or serious and can cover transition-related topics.  Here is a sampling of some topics covered by other TPGS around the country:
                                                * Re-inventing yourself
                                                * Risk-taking
                                                * Time-management
                                                * How to say Yes when you mean No (and vice versa)
                                                * The upside of aging
                                                * Fostering positive relations with adult children
                                                * How to remain relevant in a changing world
                                                * Fun: then and now
                                                * Navigating work-place changes
                                                * Identifying our strengths and managing our weaknesses
TTN provides help with the establishment and running of the groups by providing written guidelines for the groups.  In addition, every group has an experienced TTN partner to help them during the initial meetings or at any point where they feel they need re-direction. As a general matter, members share responsibility for leading the group, facilitating discussions, and coming up with ideas for conversation topics or outings.  Each group establishes its own group norms and expectations for behavior.  An important consideration is that every TPG is meant to be a confidential, safe setting for sharing BUT a TPG is not a personal therapy or crisis group and is not a substitute for professional help in such situations.  
Email: Barbara O'Sullivan at

 Living with Purpose TRANSITION PEER GROUP

The Living with Purpose Peer Group November's discussion focused on self-care for the body, mind, and home especially when we are under stress. The topic emerged from an early fall get together at Debra Dorgan's home in a beautiful setting on a lake in Circle Pines.  We completed a health assessment guided by coaches from the Mayo Clinic.  A topic that resounded in our group was self-care. Many of us have varying roles with others as a caregiver.  Parade magazine, a supplement to many Sunday newspapers, interviewed a sample of caregivers asking the questions "What's hard: What helps"?  The November issue of the AARP Bulletin reviewed a caregiver's duty caring for ailing parents ahead of his career in a documentary "Caring to Laugh".  As women we assume many caregiving roles, some necessitated and some chosen.  We all appreciate the space our group creates to share our experiences and our helpful suggestions for dealing with our roles.

Our next meeting will be Thursday, December 27 at the Ramsey County Library in Roseville from 6:30- 8:00 pm in the Board Conference Room.  It will be a great time to reflect on the past year, to decide what we will let go of, and what we will take with us into 2019. 

Please contact Barbara O'Sullivan with any questions, ideas or thoughts about the group. Email: or call or text (651) 983-7876.  

NEW Transition Peer Group forming

On November 8th, TTN held a meeting at Highland Park library to see if there was interest in forming a new Transition Peer Group (TPG).  TPGs are small shared leadership groups composed of 8-12 members who meet monthly for informal discussions in a supportive environment.  Nine women attended the meeting on November 8th.  Jill Goski and Barbara O'Sullivan led the meeting.  After round table introductions, there was discussion of TTN programming including Special Interest Groups (SIGs) like Book Group and Theatre, Mix and Mingle social gatherings, and TPGs.  Barbara provided an overview of the TPG she facilitates in Roseville.  This TPG has met over this past year and has explored the topic of "living a life with purpose." 

Attendees at the Highland meeting were interested and excited about starting their own TPG.  Most wanted to meet monthly during the day at Highland library.  The group inquired about the four or five women who attended the two other TPG Orientation Sessions and have extended an invitation for those women to join this new TPG.   Terri Evans and Jane Carlson agreed to co-facilitate a launch meeting in December.  At this meeting, members will discuss and decide meeting times, ground rules, and topics.  To start, participants will come with resources to share that have been helpful to them in their transition.  There was wonderful, positive energy at this meeting and a lot of enthusiasm for starting a new TPG.

If you have any questions about this meeting, please contact Terri Evans at or Jane Carlson at

Do you want to form a Special Interest Group?  

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) arise when TTN members find kindred spirits who share similar passions.  Member-driven, a SIG can meet as often and for as long as the members desire.  It can be on any topic or passion (excepting political limitations imposed by our 501c3 status). A quick glance at TTN chapters around the country indicate that members have taken advantage of the network and come up with lots of diverse, and sometimes surprising, SIGs.  The Central Ohio Chapter, for example, has established SIGs around Netflix, game nights, genealogy, an authors' group, traveling  and freecycling (a kind of reuse and recycling). Long Island has SIGs dedicated to day-tripping, dining out, mah jong, Scrabble, crafting, hiking, movies, and theater.    

These groups are member-driven, which means that anyone who wants to start a group can do just that!  These groups are topic- or activity-specific and bring together members who share similar interests. 

Want to start a new SIG or join the ones already in place?  Contact Grace Bartholet at 642-310-4604 or Eleni Skevas at 651-235-9599.

Here is a list of our Special Interest Groups (SIGs):


On Saturday, November 10, seven women met to discuss the possible new Financial SIG.  We had a good conversation and determined that we had a shared interest in thinking about various financial topics.  Some members of the group are already retired and some are anticipating retirement in the next 1-10 years. All are interested in increasing their financial awareness and being more intentional in thinking about their finances.

The group will be meeting on a monthly basis on a Monday or Tuesday evening. We anticipate the majority of our meetings will be held in the Roseville area since most of the attendees live near there. The group would all be learners so we would need to bring findings to the meetings and rotate preparing and presenting topics for discussion.  

Our next meeting is on Tuesday, December 4, 7:00-8:30, at the Barnes and Noble in Har Mar. We will be meeting at the tables near the food area.  Our discussion will include Target Funds, an article by Wealth Enhancement Group titled “Your Retirement Road Map: How to Navigate the 4 Critical Milestones”, and open sharing time.  Please join us if you are interested.

 Please email Cyndy at if you plan to attend or if you are interested, but unable to attend. 

Urban Hiking SIG:

Unless people are interested in indoor mall hikes, the urban hiking SIG will be taking a break for the winter.  Over the past year, we have had 11 women participate in our hikes with 2-4 women participating in each hike. It has been challenging to identify dates that work for more women at the same time.  Please contact Cyndy at if you have comments or an interest in this SIG.

Please contact Cyndy Nelson ( if you have comments or an interest in this SIG.

Ted Talks SIG:

The next meeting of the TED TALK SIG will be on Sunday, December 9, at 2:00 to 3:30 pm.  The Talk under discussion is entitled “How Youth Thrive”. No registration is required.  Location is the Roseville Library, Community Room, at the intersection of County Road B and Hamline in Roseville.  TTN members can gather at the Dunn Brothers Coffee Shop afterwards.  If you’d like to add your name to the SIG list for emailed reminders, contact Eleni Skevas at

If you'd like to join us or simply want more information about this SIG, contact Eleni Skevas at  

Theater-Going SIG:

Are you interested in attending local theater events and discussing them over dinner with other women who share your interest?  If so, you should check out this SIG. The members of this group take turns finding and organizing events. It is currently looking for somebody to organize the February event.  In this role, one makes suggestions via email to the other group members about possible options and dates. The group indicates their preferences and the organizer arranges for the purchases of tickets.

If you are willing to organize or wish to add your name to the Theater SIG membership list, please contact Eleni Skevas at  

Book Discussion: 

Due to conflicts for multiple members, the November discussion was postponed until December. Book club will be meeting on Tuesday, December 11, at 6:30 PM at Cathy Bartholet’s home in Eagan.  Contact Cathy or Grace for the address and to let them know you plan to attend at or  The book to be discussed is “Good and Mad: The Revolutionary Power of Women’s Anger” by Rebecca Traister. It is a recently published New York Times Best Seller.

The book group meets in the evening on the second Tuesday of the month and rotates to homes of members of the group.  The book for January has not yet been selected.

Any questions, contact Jerris Heckler or 612.669.4655

Art Appreciation SIG:

If you are interested in discovering more about the local art scene, join the ART APPRECIATION SIG.   Together we will experience many types of creative expressions ie: paintings, pottery, sculpture, textiles.  We usually meet on weekday afternoons, occasionally an evening or Sat. Exhibits are FREE or low cost.

In November we visited Foci- Minnesota Center for Glass Arts. We enjoyed seeing artists blow glass, creative neon glass designs plus the variety of glass art in the Art Block Sale. The staff were very informative. They answered questions and explained how various types of glass art were made. Later to a coffee shop!

Monday, Dec 10th - Bloomington Art Center featuring A Doodle a Day: Ten Year Doodle Journey, an exhibit by Minneapolis author and illustrator Nancy Carlson.  For 10 years she was caretaker for her husband. To cope during these challenging years, she continued to write children’s books and also created hundreds of colorful and interesting doodles.  Meet at 1:00 pm at 1800 W Old Shakopee Road, Bloomington.

Saturday, Jan 12th - Museum of Russian Art, From Non-Conformism to Feminists: Russian Women Artists. The exhibition is a visual exploration of the development and accomplishments of women artists from Russia spanning three artistic generations. The show includes painting, photography, collage, video, & interactive installations.  Meet at 1:00 pm at 5500 Stevens Ave S, Minneapolis.

If you are interested in participating contact Tracey Baker 651.633.5213 or JeNell Jacobson 612.387.1336


Writing SIG!!

The purpose of the Writer’s SIG is to encourage, nurture, and foster writing.  It meets in NE Minneapolis at a member’s home and has writers with any and all levels of experience.  Participants decide what they want to write (short story, memoir, poetry, etc) and can change from one type of writing to another. If interested, members can share their writing with others and get feedback.

The existing Writer’s SIG plans to meet on December 14. We are a cohesive group of five who enjoy learning from each other! The group is closed to new members at this time.

The members of the group highly recommend establishing a second Writing SIG. We know there were some women who had previously been interested, but the meeting dates did not work.  There may also be other members that are interested. Julie Efta would like to help a new group get started. She suggested an initial meeting in January after the holidays. If you are interested, please call or text Julie at 651.247.3054 to let her know your interest.

Service SIG!! 

Want to connect while making a difference? Come Join with other TTN Members and make an Impact Volunteer at Bridging

Each week, Bridging provides quality furniture and household goods to over 85 families who are transitioning out of homelessness and poverty. Come join TTN Twin Cities Members as we help Bridging

Want to volunteer? Please contact Grace Bartholet at or 612-310- 4604 by May 10th .

Let's Talk About the Latest Movie

Recently some members have indicated they would be interested in forming a Movie SIG. It makes a lot of sense. It’s an appealing SIG because
(1) movies are inexpensive and
(2) unlike theater offerings, tickets can reliably be purchased at the door, and
(3) movies are fun.

The exact format of the SIG hasn’t been determined. We could choose a standing date (say the second Saturday of the month) at the Riverside Theater, for instance, where tickets are just $3.00 each, and just commit to gathering for the matinee whatever it is and then go across the street for coffee and a snack. Or we could individually join the Minneapolis Film Society and as a group attend one of their offerings once a month. Or we could just provide the distribution list of Movie SIG members to SIG members and shoot out an email when one of us is looking for a companion with whom to go see a movie. Or all of the above. And, how about this: a Oscar Party! Let Eleni Skevas know if you’re interested and we can arrange an organizational meeting to come up with a format and a plan for leadership. Could be fun!

Contact: Eleni Skevas at or Grace Bartholet at, SIG Co-Chairs.


There are many ideas being floated as to how else to focus a SIG. More ideas are welcome. Another idea is to create a SIG around exploring other ethnic cultures in the Twin Cities: visiting stores and markets, sampling food at restaurants, learning to cook ethnic dishes. If you have an idea and a yen to organize and lead a SIG around these topics or a specific passion of yours, please step up! One important principle is that YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO IT ALONE. You can partner with someone and you can rotate responsibilities with other committed women. Contact Eleni Skevas at 651-235-9599 or if you're interested.

MEMBER IDEA!!! Check it out!

Members submit your ideas on potential local activities to Jill Goski ( or Cyndy Nelson (

new CHAPTER forming now

Minneapolis/St. Paul

The Transition Network is growing in the Twin Cities! 

The Minneapolis/St. Paul Founders Group is looking to connect with others to make the most out of the "50 years and forward" transition journey. While our situations may be varied, we can all learn and find support from other women who are also experiencing change.

We have been reaching out to as many women as possible to make connections and planning as many events as we can.  We already have active Special Interest Groups and are now in the process of creating more Transition Peer Groups.  We plan to build a strong leadership team so we can reach out to more and more women in our community.  Please join us!  To join TTN click here. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity. 

For more information about the Minneapolis/St. Paul Group, please contact Steering Committee Chair Jill Goski at


         Jill Goski                    

Steering Committee Members:

Cyndy Nelson

My name is Cyndy Nelson and I live in New Brighton.  I took early retirement following my layoff from Target in July, 2016.  As I enter this new phase of my life, I want to look for ways to use my abilities and interests to make a positive impact on others, make new friends, and have new experiences.  I learned about TTN and joined in 2016.  As I have participated in the Money SIG, the book discussion group, and numerous events, I have discovered that there are many women with similar goals to mine.  I have joined the TTN Steering Committee so I can apply the skills I gained during my career as an IT Project Manager to help TTN grow in the Twin Cities.  My hobbies are reading, walking, and traveling.

Grace Bartholet

I originally joined TTN off of their website. I was interested in an organization that advocates for women that are 50 forward. What appealed to me was the whole idea of staying relevant in the workplace as we age. I currently work for the Minneapolis VA. In addition, I found that as I have changed jobs and gone through various changes in my life that I am lacking connections. TTN allows me to meet interesting, engaged women from all walks of life and connect with them. In my spare time, I enjoy traveling, reading and antiquing.

Eleni Skevas

I retired three years ago. I worked as a prosecutor for many years and was in the private practice of law for many years before that. I have three adult children and 5, soon to be 6, grandchildren. It's fulfilling to be a parent and a grandparent, but I believe that many people, like me, need something more to be happy.

So, I've been on a quest to reinvent myself. Part of that reinvention has involved down-sizing from a big house to a smaller home, amenable to aging in place. Part of that reinvention has been exploring new areas of learning, like finally learning how to cook properly and creatively, taking up yoga, reading up on history, and learning about economics. Part of it has included the joy of landscaping our new home and seeing a beautiful thing form before my eyes. I look for appealing ways to be involved in my community, where whatever gifts and talents I have are useful to others. Of course, the task of nurturing old friendships and developing new ones is high on my agenda.

Where does TTN fit in? To me, TTN provides a fitting substitute for the workplace. Like the workplace, it provides many opportunities to get to know a group of people over time, as we run into each other repeatedly at TTN-sponsored programs, social events, transition peer groups and affinity groups (TTN calls them Special Interest Groups, or SIGs). TTN in Minnesota is shaping up to be a community, like a workplace, where people, in this case women, commit to being available for the long term to each other to pursue connection, friendship, support and common interests. Sounds perfect to me.


Past Events:


Make It R.E.A.L. Connecting Your Values to Your Life

On April 25, 10 women enjoyed a thought-provoking and enjoyable presentation by Karen Carr, a certified professional life coach and MSP TTN member. Our time focused on values, listening, and making it REAL. Karen provided us a practical way to make sure we are spending our time and energy on what is really important to each of us. We first spent a little time thinking about what we really value. Then we talked about connecting these values to your life by making it REAL: Realistic, Exciting/Engaging, Action, and Love/Luxury/Loyalty (you pick). Karen provided personal stories to illustrate the concepts and then the participants paired up to share our own information. It was a great way to think about our own situations and connect with another woman to learn about her life. Throughout the evening, we practiced listening. Karen challenged us to really listen to what the other person was really saying. We even had to listen to the other person for one minute without commenting – that was really hard and provided lots of insights about how little we actually listen to what another person is saying. It was a great evening and we want to thank Karen for sharing her expertise with us in her warm and caring way.

“If I Could Mend Your Heart” Event Report

On January 30, 21 women attended a thought-provoking presentation by Mary Farr about grief.  Although we normally use the term grief only as related to death, it is actually an appropriate term for many losses in our lives. Mary observed that women often lack self-compassion, but should treat themselves during grief like they would a friend.  She also spoke about hope and being on a journey toward wholeness.  There are many actions that can contribute to our own healing or the healing of others with one of the most important that we listen to others and really hear what they are saying.  Mary brought a wealth of ideas from her extensive career in the worlds of hope, healing, and humor.


“What is my Stuff Number?” Workshop


On October 24, 22 women gathered for a workshop titled “What’s Your Stuff Number” where stuff is defined as any tangible object that takes up space in my space. The leader, Jane Scheidnes, encouraged the attendees to think about how to get control of their stuff instead of belonging to their stuff. It is often overwhelming to think about our stuff in total, so she encouraged us to deal with it a single category or item at a time. It was a great starter session to help the attendees begin to take ownership of their stuff and their space. A follow up workshop is being offered on December 14. Make sure to sign up if you are interested in pursuing this topic further!


A Picnic Gathering to Celebrate the 2017-2018 TTN Kick-Off! 

“Since our August picnic was a success even in the rain, the steering committee decided to have another picnic and hoped for better weather.  We had a gorgeous evening for our picnic at Minnehaha Park on September 20.  16 women, including 3 new to TTN and 2 who hadn’t attended an event in a couple years, ventured out for the event.  As is the case at many TTN events, we had good food and conversation.  The attendees shared our experience with TTN  and why we had come to a TTN event.  The common theme of wanting to meet people who were also going through transitions related to work or personal life situations was frequently expressed.  We also had a book sharing event and made delicious s'mores.  It was  great evening in a beautiful Minneapolis park.”


August 9 Social Event!

“On Wednesday, August 9, 13 hearty women ventured out on a cool and rainy evening for a potluck picnic at Minnehaha Park.  We had the event under a pavilion (thanks to Gwen who staked it out early) so nobody got wet, but some women had to find warmer clothes and blankets in the back of their cars.  
Despite the non-August like weather, we had good food and great conversation.  We were happy to welcome three women who had never attended a TTN event.  The delicious foods brought by the attendees included both purchased and homemade foods.  
Karen Carr demonstrated her talent for memorizing by going around the table and stating each person’s first and last name.  There was plenty of time to talk with new and old friends to share stories of summer.”

Chapter News:

Summer Social Activity - Garden Party June 24, 2017

12 women gathered at Kim Fischer's home to enjoy delicious potluck food and TTN friends. The weather did not permit an outside gathering, although we managed to grab a photo in-between the rain drops.

During our meal we shared with 2 newcomers about how we came to TTN, what we have gotten out of our memberships, and a little bit about each of our lives. 

The group also shared their excitement over our newly formed Steering Committee (4 of us were in attendance). 

A great big "thank you" to everyone who made it out to the country and contributed to this delightful experience. And a big "Congrats" to Jill who couldn't make it as she became a grandma once again to granddaughter Lucy Rae, born that very afternoon.

Another social activity is in the making before summer's end. 

Kim Fischer |952.240.7285

Chapter News:

Potluck Get-together: Wednesday, May 3

On Wednesday, May 3rd we enjoyed a wonderful ge together at Karen Carr's house in South Minneapolis. Along with the wonderful food, we learned more about TTN and what it would mean to become a full chapter.  Susan Collins, the National Executive Director, was on hand to talk about all the benefits of membership in this wonderful organization.



March 22:  Planning Meeting

On Wednesday, March 22 at 6:30, twelve of  us interested in creating the future of our chapter met at Axel's in Roseville. The meeting generated not only great ideas and future plans, but also renewed energy going forward. We hope you will join us for these two May events!

Jill Goski , Lisa Nabbefeld & Kim Fischer organized the event, and they were joined by those interested in supporting TTN MSP, either through special interests, or for a specific length of time or for a specific purpose. A table for 10 was reserved at a seating area at the end of the bar, and we had a great time brainstorming ideas for our new chapter!

Axel's is part of the Radisson Hotel - and is located at 2540 Cleveland Ave. N, St. Paul 55113

Kim Fischer |952.240.7285 
& Jill Goski | 651.398.5506

Here is the latest from the Investment Group SIG:

Money SIG (formerly the Financial/Investment SIG):

Eighteen months ago, six women joined together with organizer, Judy Harvey, to form a SIG about personal finance, investing and money management.  With varying levels of investing knowledge and experience, the women decided to utilize the Investing/Money SIG for financial learning by researching topics to educate themselves and other members of the group. 
During its existence, the group discussed many topics including a variety of investing topics (technical analysis, sectors, socially responsible investing, etc.), housing options, financial management, smart spending, and essential legal documents.  We also had good discussions based on the book How to Make Your Money Last by Jane Bryant Quinn.  Recently, the group reflected on the valuable learning and connections they have made with other members of the group, but also recognized that they have varying interests in pursuing personal finance development at this time. Some members want to pursue other interests via newly formed SIGs or other personal endeavors and others want to take a break over the summer.  We decided to end the current Money SIG.  Special thanks to Judy for her role in making this group successful.  In the fall, we will find out if there is any interest in starting a new Money or Investing SIG. 

For additional information, contact Jill Goski ( or Cyndy Nelson (

TTN Quarterly Event

6 women attended our first quarterly event for 2017 to get a taste of Guided AutoBiography, led by our very own, Diane Nimmer. There were exercises led by Diane, paired sharing and whole group sharing. Through that sharing, we learned about ourselves and each other. Diane will be offering 4 followup sessions going into greater detail with more exercises in May. Details coming soon. Future plans for our Chapter in Formation include an invitation to a focus group meeting involving a potluck opportunity and a chance to get more involved, coming this spring.



TTN Quarterly Event

This year's quaterly event was in collaboration with AARP with a local celebrity, Richard Leider, who talked about "Purpose". In-between our quarterly events we are going to hold workshops on his program "Life Reimagined". 


TTN January Event Review

Our Wednesday, January 20 Event, “What kind of Legacy Will You Leave Your Loved Ones?” (and other similar titles….;), was our first quarterly event and was a success for the women who were there. They enjoyed a “Cardio Drumming” class from our very own Lori Gerval, enjoyed a protein shake and heard the 3 speaker panel presentation. There will be a follow-up workshop/event that everyone was interested in – Death by Dinner. More details to come in March…… And “Thank You” Lori, for hosting!!


TTN June Event Review

For our June main event, we took things outside to a beautiful part of the city that most of us had not been before. Nine  TTN women and 2 guests joined up at the Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden in the heart of the Minneapolis metro in Theodore Wirth Park. It's a little oasis with paths amongst beautiful oaks, perennials and even blooming Lady Slippers!
We had so much fun that we have created a Special Interest Group (SIG) for walking the metro and would like to invite other TTN women to join us!


Sherre Vincent
Monday, May 18, 2015 6pm Social Hour; 7-9pm Program
Put The “OM” In Your Home ™ …With the Harmony of Feng Shui”

Brenda Braget generously opened her home on Summit Avenue to host our May 18th TTN event.  This wonderful setting provided the perfect opportunity for women to connect during the social hour over a glass of wine and light refreshments.  The good conversation flowed into the program about Feng Shui, a fusion of an art and science.    Sheree Vincent, Allied ASID, the principal of Fusion Designed LLC.  (, shared her expertise.  She shared that now, more than ever, we desire our homes to be our personal sanctuary and how this ancient system of Feng Shui is used for creating a living and working environment that balances and harmonizes with nature.  She provided compelling and practical examples of how understanding and applying Feng Shui – you can create an environment that supports your physical, emotional and spiritual well being - your own personal sanctuary!   
Robin Getman, co-founder of InterACT Group, Quality Service Professionals, on “Are You Happy Now? Help Yourself to a Bigger Slice of Life”
Monday, March 16, 2015, 7-9 p.m. at Carondelet Center, St. Catherine University
Robin Getman entertained, informed, and inspired 35 participants by injecting humor to reinforce a powerful message about methods to improve and build upon health and well-being.  Through this fun and fast moving program, Robin expanded participant’s understanding of 3.5 degrees of learned optimism and four “curing” techniques that can be used to heal the worst, or preserve the best of each of the degrees, and guided them through tools and techniques for increasing overall happiness.  Six women met at Carmelo’s for dinner before the program.

Kathie Kosharek, M.A. on “Living a Strengths-Based Life”
Monday, February 16, 2015, 7-9 p.m. at Carondelet Center, St. Catherine University
Kathie Kosharek, a Gallup-certified Strengths Coach, guided participants through a highly interactive program to identify, with assistance from the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment, what makes them unique and what motivates them.  Kathie’s skillful facilitation provided the foundation for participant discovery of how to apply their strengths and reenergize their day-to-day life.  Participants left with the framework for creating a plan to explore how to leverage their strengths in the second half of life.  Ten women gathered at Luci Ancora for the open dinner before the program.