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NYC Chapter Event: MEDICARE Time to Review and Update Your Coverage

Wednesday, November 10, 2021
2:00 - 4:00 EST
Location: Online Webinar - Zoom ID sent 72 hours prior to event
Contact: Joan Freilich

Co-sponsored by The Transition Network – New York City Chapter and Coming of Age

This is the Right Time of Year to Evaluate your Health Insurance and Review and Update Your Coverage. Learn what changes are occurring in Medicare Advantage Plans here in NY for 2021. 
Learn about Medicare supplements and stand-alone drug plans. 

  • Are all your favorite doctors and labs still covered under your Medicare Health Plan?

  • How about that new prescription drug you’re taking? Is there a co-payment for it?

  • Learn what changes are occurring in Medicare Advantage Plans here in NY for 2021.

  • Learn about Medicare Supplements and Stand-Alone Drug Plans.

  • Under 65? Find out about Medicare.

NOW is exactly the right time of year to evaluate your health insurance.

And that’s the reason why we’re offering this educational event facilitated by Rae-Carole Fischer, who has been a Licensed Insurance Broker for more than 20 years.
Ms. Fischer will review the different types of Medicare Advantage plans, as well as Medigap and drug plans. She’ll help us explore and understand all aspects of Medicare so that we will be well prepared to choose wisely.

Please Note:
This Zoom webinar will feature a presenter with a PowerPoint. The audience will NOT be seen or heard. Questions and comments can be submitted by typing them into a form on the screen, or asked directly following the presentation.  

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