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San Francisco Bay Area Wellness Wednesday

Wednesday, September 29, 2021, 3‑4:30pm PDT
Location: Virtual Event on Zoom
Contact: Janice Wallace

Hearing and the Brain

Did you know that when hearing loss goes untreated, the brain loses the ability to hear?  Get hearing aids too late and it’s gone.  On top of that, hearing loss can lead to declines in memory and cognition.  

Melissa Beer, Doctor of Audiology, and Jody Vaynshtok, Speech Language Pathologist, Co-owners of Sound Speech and Hearing Clinic will discuss hearing and the brain, and auditory processing.

Melissa states, "Our ability to understand speech is only effortless when our hearing is perfectly normal and listening conditions are optimal. This rarely exists in the real world. When something (be it some hearing loss, auditory processing difficulties that occur with aging, background noise, or someone speaking through a mask) interferes with the speech signal, and what we hear doesn’t sound like the pattern of speech stored in our long-term memory, there is a mismatch. Any mismatch requires extra effort (a greater cognitive load) to figure it out." 

Melissa and Jody will explain the relationship of hearing and auditory processing to memory and cognition as well as treatment options.

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