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All Attendees:$5

Boston Chapter Event: It's 5:00 Somewhere - Uncovering the Environmental Causes of Breast Cancer!

Friday, April 9, 2021, 5‑6pm EDT
Location: Online
Registration Deadline: Thursday, April 8, 2021

Cancer rates for children are on the rise.  Less than 15% of women with breast cancer have a family member diagnosed with it.  What's going on? What role does the environment play?

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the US.  What risks might we be unknowingly taking as we use our daily products?  Teflon? Hair and cosmetic products? Household cleaners?  What about air pollution? How can we limit our chemical exposure and health risks?

Please register by Thursday eve, April 8.  Zoom link will be sent by noon Friday morning.

The program will feature a screening of the short documentary film  Unacceptable Risk: Dr. Margaret Kripke on Cancer and the Environment.

Produced and directed by award winning filmmaker Cynthia McKeown, it tells the story of a prominent cancer researcher who began to rethink her assumptions about the causes of cancer and the contribution of toxic chemicals in our everyday environment.  Dr. Kripke is a professor emerita at MD Anderson Cancer Center.   It was during her tenure on the President's Cancer Panel that Dr. Kripke learned that of the 80,000+ chemicals on the market in the US, most are largely unstudied or understudied, and most are unregulated.  Exposure to cancer-causing chemicals is a daily and widespread risk.

Following the screening will be a discussion and Q&A.  Cynthia McKeown will be joined by Dr. Julia Brody from the Silent Spring Institute who will speak to some of their recent research findings.  Silent Spring Institute is a mission-driven scientific research organization dedicated to uncovering the environmental causes of breast cancer.   Bring your questions and concerns!

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