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New York City Chapter Event

Exclusive Pre-Release Screening of RADIOACTIVE and Live Q &A with Director Marjane Satrapi and Actor Rosamund Pike.

Monday, July 13, 2020 through Saturday, July 18, 2020
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Location: Virtual Event - link & password will be sent to you before the screening.
Contact: Joyce O’Brien

TTN members are invited to an exclusive screening of Radioactive, an historical feature film directed by Marjane Satrapi (author of award-winning novel Persepolis).

Choose one screening of Radioactive,: $10 Member price.

Monday, July 13th at 4:00pm EST   or   Tuesday, July 14th at 7:30pm EST
Once you register for the screening you will automatically be registered for the live Q & A* with actor and director on Saturday July 18, 3:00 pm (EST)

*Please note the Q & A has changed from 4PM to 3PM on Sat Jul 18 to accommodate the actor and the director 

The film documents the journey through Marie Curie’s (Rosamund Pike) enduring legacy from the 1870s through to modern day—her passionate partnerships, scientific breakthroughs, and her enduring impact on the universe.

In late 19th century Paris, Marie met fellow scientist Pierre Curie (Sam Riley). The pair went on to marry, raise two daughters and change the face of science forever, with the discovery of radioactivity.

Marie Curie, one of the most formidable and accomplished scientists of our time, was the first woman ever to win a Nobel Prize, in Physics (1903) shared with Pierre Curie (her husband) and Henri Becquerel for the discovery of the phenomenon of radioactivity. After the death of her beloved Pierre, Marie’s commitment to science remained unwavering and her work went on to win a second Nobel Prize (1911) for discoveries which would have transformative effects in the 20th century, changing our perception of matter and the universe, and leading to monumental developments from nuclear energy to treatments for cancer. 

Join us for a Live Q & A* on Saturday, July 18, 3 pm with Director Marjane Satrapi  and lead actor Rosamund Pike, to discuss the film.​ (The Q & A will be recorded and available on our chapter YouTube channel at a later date.)

*Please note the Q & A has changed from 4PM to 3PM on Sat Jul 18 to accommodate the actor and the director 

Excerpt from director Marjane Satrapi:   When I read the Radioactive script, I felt that it was a very important story to tell and that I had to do it. I grew up with two role models, Marie Curie and Simone de Beauvoir. My mother wanted me to become an independent woman. It was her obsession. I did not become a philosopher or a scientist, but I managed to become an independent woman.

Choose one screening of the film Radioactive, $10 Member Price

Monday, July 13, 2020
4:00pm EST

Tuesday, July14, 2020
7:30 PM EST


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Click Here to Register
Once you register you will automatically be registered for the live Q & A with actor and director on Saturday, July 18, at 3:00 pm (EST)

Screenings are being offered on a free promotional basis. Fee covers cost of overall TTN programming.