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DC Chapter Event: On Resilience - A Zoom Conversation

Tuesday, June 30, 2020
12:00 - 1:30pm
Location: Online
Only 1 seats left!
Phone: (267) 243 9673

Are you noticing the toll accumulated stress takes on you? You’re right - in fact, research shows that at about the 25th day of extended stress our ability to stay resilient begins to decline. So, rest assured - you aren’t alone, you aren’t wrong, and you definitely aren’t weak! But you could use a refresher to connect to your resilience skills in support of a growth mindset.
Join us for a facilitated conversation to lift your spirits, inform your actions, and stretch and strengthen your resilience. Using a research-based framework, we’ll facilitate an on-line conversation about what’s really going on and share our most effective self-care practices. We’ll show you how to move from anxiety to managed concern with mindfulness, curiosity and kindness. 

TTN’s On Resilience designers and facilitators, Barbara Beizer and Nancy Reller will guide our conversation toward a greater sense of self care and the creation of personal resilience practices. Barbara and Nancy have been researching Resilience for several years now and have facilitated dozens of sessions on this topic for a variety of participants. They hold a deep respect for honest sharing and credible data while offering appreciative guidance and practical tools. As coaches, they draw upon and leverage their professional experience in communications, leadership development, change and transitions. With intentional self-reflection, they create a space where learning from these purposeful conversations is possible. We will share our experiences, tools and tips for greater resilience.