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New York City Chapter Event

All Attendees:$39

FROM ME TO WE: Living and Working With Purpose

Wednesday, October 16, 2019
6pm to 9pm
Location: Microsoft Conference Center, 11 Times Square, New York
Registration Deadline: Monday, October 14, 2019
This event is SOLD OUT!
Contact: Betty Newman

You’re got years of expertise and knowledge and you want to give back using those many talents in a more purposeful way. This is about more than just volunteering your time.  Or maybe you want to start your own non-profit, or a new business for that matter, or improve an existing one?  Learn how in this special TTN workshop, given in partnership with NYWIB, that can help you align your personal goals with your inherent values to make a world of difference.
You will hear four unique stories – two that showcase TTN’s signature programs - that will offer actionable advice.  That’s before joining small groups coordinated by our TTN workshop facilitator to start your own personal action plans.
And that’s all while enjoying a light meal and refreshments in a modern conference setting.  SCORE mentors will also be available.

In today’s fast paced world, it's about more than just making money or gaining status. It's about providing real value to others. For many, it's also about a mission, personal meaning and being able to make a difference in other people's lives. And that can add up to bringing happiness into your life.

For businesses of all sizes, it's also about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)—a company’s efforts to improve society and inspire customers, employees and the community to do the same.  In fact, 55 percent of consumers are willing to pay more for products from socially responsible companies.
An Ernst & Young-backed survey found that women are said to have more heart than men…when it comes to giving back. To back that up, research from the Women’s Philanthropy Institute found consistently that at every age and income level, women give from 90% to 150% more than men.

But what does it take to really make a difference from both a personal and professional perspective?  To find out, join The Transition Network, NY Women In Business and SCORE for an inspirational and empowering evening, involving your active participation.
  • You’ll hear from four accomplished women who found meaning and purpose while running or working for successful for- and non-profit businesses and take away some concrete ideas you can use in your own endeavors. 
  • You’ll also have the opportunity to learn from our lead facilitator how your values play into defining your purpose.  And, you’ll participate in small group discussions with experienced facilitators in order to pull out what is most relevant for you—so that you’ll leave with your own personal action plan.

Be inspired. Leave empowered.
6:00-6:45pm     Registration/Lite Bites/Mentoring
6:45-7:00 pm    Opening Remarks
7:00-8:00pm     Presentations: 4 personal stories
8:00-8:45pm     Group Activity
8:45-9:00pm     Closing Remarks

Mimi Grinker is Director of Living Well Together, the public offshoot of the Caring Collaborative program started by the Transition Network that helps support women with their health issues and keeps them independent.
Elisabeth Cardiello is the founder of Caffè Unimatic and Co-Founder of Legacy Out Loud, making her a champion of perking coffee and building confidence in young women.  

Betty Rauch is a former Chair and current member of the Board of The Fortune Society, an organization that supports previously incarcerated people reentering society. 
Meg Hunnewell is the founder The Knowledge Project, a twenty-five year old literacy program for inner city students that promotes creative writing for student writers and an audience outside the classroom..

Karen Merson is a co-founder of New Attitude, a coaching practice that helps women create meaningful and fulfilling “third acts” and facilitates “Crafting Your Next Act,” a four-week workshop that helps women achieve the life they want.