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Custom Walking Tour of Central Park

Thursday, August 15, 2019
10:20 – 12:30 PM
Location: Meet at the East 110th Street and 5th Avenue entrance to the Park
Only 2 seats left!

Think you know all about Central Park?
Already taken Conservancy tours?
Our expert private guide will take us to newly developed areas of the park, beyond the familiar places where you walk your dog or attend summer concerts.

A few years ago, the Central Park Conservancy embarked on a journey to mimic the wildness of the jungle a bit more, through the creation of wildflower meadows and more gardens. 

What are the acres of wildflower meadows good for, you may ask? Well, they reverse erosion, feed birds that migrate through Central park, feed butterflies who migrate south, and increase the use of grasses for stopover birds and those birds that stay year round.

Come and see them - they are not obvious, even to those of us who "know" Central Park. 

Our tour starts at the Meer, the northeastern most part of Central Park, and continues southeast.

We end at East 96th street where attendees can join fellow TTNers for (pay your own) lunch at a nearby restaurant.

This tour will cover approximately 3+ miles inside the park. It will include some stairways with 6 to 10 steps, and a few inclined paths.  

Bring a water bottle. Wear good walking shoes. 
Bring your camera. 

OUR TOUR GUIDE: Ken Chaya is an artist and art director who has produced numerous books on travel, American history and nature.


Credit card only payments, checks are not permitted for this event. 

Requests for refunds must be received 14 DAYS before the event. Send refund request to Committee Co-Chair: