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Billings Chapter Event


It's Time to Sell Your "Treasures"

Saturday, June 22, 2019
8:00 am - Noon
Location: First Presbyterian Church Parking Lot, 2420 13th Street West
Restricted to members only
Contact: Vicki Nelson, Pam Havig

Items will be sold from the trunks/tailgates of members' vehicles - similar to a garage sale, but more fun!

Each member will have their items priced, and they will also be responsible for their own money bag/cash for buyers, and whether or not they'll take checks from buyers.

 OneAndDone will place an ad in the Billings Gazette, and we will assign parking spaces the morning of the trunk sale.

Colorful signs will also be our responsibility.

 So - please, MEMBERS join us!  Start setting aside items you no longer need but wish to be rid of! 

If you cannot participate at 

the sale and have items you would like to DONATE

or if you have questions,  please contact:

 Vicki Nelson (


Pam Havig (  

The more TTN members that participate

the more fun it'll be! 

Reserve your spot now

email Vicki...


A "donation" for the rental of their parking lot will be made to First Presbyterian Church from the proceeds.