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Movie in a Medieval Castle

Sunday, July 28, 2019
7:00 pm Screening & 9 pm Candlelit Tour
Location: Hammond Castle, 80 Herperus Ave, Gloucester

“Bite Me” is a romantic comedy vampire story written, acted and produced predominantly by women.

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Cost: $20 this includes the movie and the tour or you can walk around on your own

Hammond Castle – Did you know?
  • Hammond was an amazing inventor with 900 patents (second only to Thomas Edison)
  • The castle is full of fun features and interesting artifacts, right on the shoreline cliffs.
  • The courtyard is designed like a medieval village with weather systems. At any time of day, there can be rain, thunder and lightening, fog, sunlight and moonlight.
  • There is a gigantic organ with 9,000 pipes.
  • The bedrooms have fully papered doors with secret hidden buttons to exit. (A prankster!)
  • The whisper domed library ceiling allows eavesdropping on conversations in the room.
  • The dining room features a single tree trunk table from Germany.
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