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Thriving in Transition: Building and Sustaining Your Resilience

Monday, October 15, 2018
6:00-7:30 pm
Location: Robert Half Management Resources, 50 California Street; 10th Floor ,San Francisco, CA

hriving in Transition
Building and Sustaining Your Resilience

We have never lived this long and we are now entering a time zone of radical transition, navigating the journey of a full, well-lived life. What are the factors in thriving in transition?  What does scientific research tell us about the role resilience plays in the process? In this highly interactive and practical session, Michael Pearn, Co-founder of The Resilient Aging Lab, will suggest resources for Re-Imagining Aging.

"Aging is inevitable; 
 Living well is a skill."  

Michael will introduce resilience as something we can build, using the five Cs of Resilience: Clarity, Confidence, Control, Conncection and Contentment.

After a long career as an organizational psychologist working with clients around the world, Michael co-founded The Resilient Aging Lab LLC with a mission to build confidence, tools, and connections for people in transition, especially as older adults. The Resilient Aging Lab offers workshops, Online Gatherings (for deeper exploration of personal issues), and Circles to help connect people in transition around common goals and interests.

Michael Pearn PhD
Resilient Aging Lab LLC

Aging is inevitable - Aging well is a skill