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Philadelphia Chapter Event

POP UP! Artist Bash: Impressive Women

Friday, September 21, 2018
8:00 - 11:00 PM
Location: Barnes Foundation, 2025 Ben Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia
Contact: Jean Brubaker

Join us at the Barnes Foundation’s Artist Bash featuring impressive women performing work that speaks to the power of nurturing community, advocating for immigration reform, bringing a private journey into the public arena, and celebrating artistic improvisation.

The evening’s lineup includes choreographer Annielille Kollman, drummer LaTreice Branson, performance artist Nikki Powerhouse, singer Vessna Scheff, and clothing designer Nicole Haddad. The program also includes a dance performance by Cambodian American Girls Empowering (CAGE) and an acrobatic showcase by Tangle Movement Arts.

Please purchase your ticket ($10) directly through the Barnes Foundation website through the following link

Please also register for the event through the TTN website, so we know that you are coming.