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Creating and Sustaining Wellness as You Age

Wednesday, September 12, 2018
5:30 arrivals/gathering; 6:00 program begins
Location: 345 E. Ohio St. at The Streeter, 13th Floor Lounge - Use "Spot Hero" App for discounted parking nearby
Contact: Hélène Stelian

Growing older is inevitable. How you age is not. Research shows that good physical and mental health, combined with sound nutrition, a commitment to fitness and cultivating spirituality are all keys to wellness and longevity. 

Barbara B. Applebaum, a recognized expert in the growing field of an integrative approach to proactive wellness, shares her secrets to creating and sustaining wellness as you age. In her interactive talk, Live in Wellness Now, she'll share how combining healthy living, spirituality, and neuroscience principles will help you understand how to be proactive in your health care versus reactionary in your sick care. Sharing her first-hand experience managing a chronic disease, Barbara will empower you to:

* Listen to and trust your own body 
* Stave off age-related disease as you grow older
* Document and organize your medical, nutritional, fitness, and spiritual information
* Communicate effectively with your health care team
* Be your own advocate and enjoy your life, health, and wellness

Never again say, “I wish I had taken better care of myself.”  
We encourage participants to order a copy of Barbara's book on Amazon and bring it with you for her to sign. She will have a limited quantity of books to purchase for $20 (cash/check only).
Be Present | Be Purposeful | Be Well
About the Speaker:

Barbara B. Appelbaum, PCC, MBA, MAT is a motivational speaker and certified wellness coach who inspires people to look and feel their best, even with a chronic illness, by combining healthy living, spirituality and neuroscience principles. Diagnosed with MS in 2006, Barbara shares her journey to help others be present, purposeful, and well. She is recognized as an expert in the growing field of an integrative approach to proactive wellness. She has published two books, Be Your Own Superhero: A Road Map to Resilience when Faced with Chronic Dis-ease (2018) and Live in Wellness Now: A Proactive Guide to Living Well (2013). To learn more, please visit Appelbaum Wellness.