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Philadelphia Chapter Event


Shofuso Japanese House and Tea Tasting

Wednesday, June 13, 2018
10:00 AM - Noon
Location: Horticultural and Lansdowne Drives, West Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, PA
Restricted to members only
Registration Deadline: Thursday, June 7, 2018
This event is SOLD OUT!
Contact: Cate Silver

Our tour will explore three traditional types of Japanese gardens, which comprise a hill-and-pond style garden intended to be viewed from the veranda; a tsubo-niwa, or courtyard garden in the style of an urban 17th century Kyoto garden; and a roji, or tea garden, which is a rustic path to our tea house.

During our Tea ceremony, called “chanoyu” or “chado” in Japanese, our guide provides a brief history as the host provides a tea ceremony demonstration. Hosts wear traditional kimono and will serve one or two guests of honor as part of the demonstration. Attendees will get an up-close view of the ceremony and will receive a traditional seasonal sweet and a bowl of green tea (matcha).

We hope you can join us for this unique experience! The number of attendees is limited so SIGN UP TODAY!

Please note: Because Shofuso reflects conditions of seventeenth-century Japan, it is not accessible to wheelchairs or scooters. Although Shofuso is not easily accessible to users of walkers, canes, or prosthetics, those devices are permitted in the house so long as they have rubber tips or are covered in a soft protective covering to preserve our historic flooring. Shoes are not allowed in the house, but socks or stockings are required. We offer lightweight disposable socks if you are wearing sandals, and if you are unable to take off your shoes, we can provide shoe covers for you to wear inside the house. Shoes must be worn in the garden. Be advised that seating is on the floor for the Tea Tasting portion of the tour.