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People & Passions

Saturday, April 7, 2018
2:00 -4:00 PM
Location: LGBT Center, 208 W. 13th Street
This event is SOLD OUT!
Contact: Rhoda Super

On April 7th, come join a talking circle with TTNers and guests who like to explore, enjoy and participate in a wide variety of activities. At People and Passions (a favorite TTN NYC Chapter Signature event), you'll have the opportunity to connect with others in break out groups who share your enthusiasm and interests, sign up for a Special Interest Group (SIG) or perhaps start or join a Transition Peer Group (TPG). Have fun while sharing your thoughts about topics and activities you would like to see happen at TTN!

What You'll Find:                                                                                                                        

Like-minded, motivated, curious women who are passionate about any number of topics. This is the venue to connect with others who share your interests or perhaps to discover something that may become a great new "love."

Here's How It Works:

There will be numerous circles of chairs grouped around the room. Each circle will be home base for a designated Passion/Topic. A TTN facilitator will be at each group to assist in guiding the discussion, gather tips and shared resources, and take names and contact info for the group.

The afternoon will include 3 rounds of sessions, each lasting approximately 30 minutes. So you can participate in a topic of interest for session 1, explore another topic for session 2, and still have time to engage in a third topic for session 3!

Should you not find a topic that plucks your heart strings, ask us how to start a new group.

A sampling of some of the topics to check out may include: Culture, Food, Travel, Book Groups, Business, Civic Action, Transition Peer Groups (TPGs)* and much more!

*TPGs are friendly forums for discussions on a wide variety of timely subjects – often leading to a network of new friends with similar concerns. 

If you have an idea for a different group, People & Passions is the place to speak up and start something new.  A seasoned TTNer will assist you with the simple steps to launch a new group!

Walk-ins are welcome, however pre-registration is strongly encouraged.


This is a free event for all – So come and bring a friend whose interested in learning more about us!


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