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Philadelphia Chapter Event


Terracotta Warriors Exhibit at The Franklin Institute

Thursday, November 9, 2017
5:00 to 8:00 PM
Location: The Franklin Institute 222 North 20th Street Philadelphia
This event is over!

Contact: Jean Brubaker

Take a journey through one of the most significant archaeological discoveries in history—and explore the enduring mysteries that remain hidden within its depths.

In 1974, a farmer in China was digging a well when he struck upon fragments of terracotta. Unbeknownst to him, the farmer had uncovered one of the most monumental achievements in human history. Buried beneath the surface of the land were thousands of life-sized statues, constructed over 2,000 years ago—silently and steadfastly guarding the tomb of their master: China’s first emperor.

Now, these warriors—symbols of the astounding achievements of mankind and the incredible history of the human race—come to The Franklin Institute for the only east coast engagement of a two-city exhibit tour.  Terracotta Warriors of the First Emperor takes a unique journey through the story, culture, craft, and science of the figures that promises to awe and inspire.

Unprecedented in its focus on the science and technology used to build, bury, and excavate the Terracotta Army, this brand-new exhibit features ten terracotta figures from the burial complex, as well as more than 170 artifacts including weapons, jade pieces, gold ornaments, bronze bells, ceremonial vessels, coins, and architectural pieces of the time. 

This will be a self-guided tour, however you will have the opportunity to go through the exhibit with others in the group and arrange to go to dinner nearby, should you be interested.

Any questions, contact Jean Brubaker

Registration, payments and cancellations* must be made by October 19, 2017.
*No refunds will be given after this date.