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New York City Chapter Event


Fall Stop...MOVE STRONG™ 

Thursday, April 20, 2017
6-8 PM ( Check-In begins at 5:45 PM)
Location: LGBT, 208 West 13th Street (just West of 7th Ave.)
This event is SOLD OUT!


Co-Sponsored by the Caring Collaborative


‘Tilt  the Balance’ Against Your Chance of Falling . . .

In a gathering of 40 TTN women, 30 said that they had fallen in the last six months, and many said that they had fallen more than once!!!
Are you worried about a sudden fall - maybe on an uneven pavement, or tripping over something in your home? 
Come to strengthen your balance and boost your chances of avoiding tumbles, and defend against jostling – courtesy of  Fall Stop...MOVE STRONG 

The program’s founder Celeste Carlucci, a professional dance/fitness expert, will take you through her six daily must-do movements to move your body in a safer way and to increase strength, balance – and Confidence.

Celeste will  share tips -- and demonstrate strategies -- to keep you stable and safe when walking, reaching, bending, rising from a sitting position, regaining balance and stability, etc.
She will be joined by Dr. Nimali Jayasinghe, Assistant Professor of Psychology at Weill Cornell Medical College, who will Discuss our fears about falling and the benefits of "getting out there," and attaining Confidence.


Please come: You are bound to feel the positive effects of
this Program when you leave!

Payments by check must be received 7 DAYS before the event, or registration will be cancelled.
Refunds can only be made for cancellations received at least one week (7 calendar days) before the event.     

Please send all refund requests to the Committee Chair --  Barbara Stahura at barbara.stahura