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(Posted July 25, 2012)

Brilliant Senior Voice-Overs, a new business offering growth and opportunity for boomers and seniors ages 55+, teaches students how to get started in the voice-over business. For those unfamiliar with voice-overs, a voice-over is where you hear the voice without seeing the person speaking. Voice-overs can be animation, narration, audiobooks, dubbing, recorded announcements, answering machines, the list is endless. We live in a word of voice-overs. However, Brilliant senior Voice-Overs focuses mainly on radio and television commercial voice-overs.  "Voice-Over is similar to acting," says Debbie Brilliant, owner and operator of Brilliant Senior Voice-Overs, "with no memorization required and because you're heard rather than seen, it doesn't matter what you look like. How great is that!?"

Brilliant, like so many, believe that due to our aging population, there will be a greater demand for products and services for boomers and seniors. "As consumers, it makes sense that we would rather buy our goods from someone closer to our own age, someone we can identify with. In the media, we want to see and hear more people like us. You can see it happening already, slowly but surely. It's the 'Betty White phenomena.'  Commercial voice-overs can result in a wonderful second career for many of us," says Brilliant.

Besides classes and boot camps, Brilliant Senior Voice-Overs offers exclusive Casting Director and Agent Nights. Each student has the opportunity to meet with a top voice-over agent or casting director and audition privately with a script and a technique that the student has mastered during class time. The student then receives personal feedback and direction from the agent or casting director.  Some students have been sent out on auditions while others have even booked jobs. However, Brilliant is always honest and upfront in telling her students: "You are pursuing a dream. Everyone wants to do voice-overs. They can be extremely lucrative, they are incredibly fun and they are also highly competitive. However, I'm also a big believer in people pursuing their dreams."  Brilliant Senior Voice-Overs offers everything you need to get you started and they support you every step of the way.   

However, Brilliant Senior Voice-Overs is a lot more than a training ground for voice-overs.  They use the art of voice-over as a tool for improving diction, voice, concentration, listening skills and self-confidence. Group classes are highly interactive, social, lively and fun! "We have developed into a real community," says Brilliant, a former voice-over actress having recorded hundreds of voice-overs for radio and television under her maiden name Debbie Sparber. Since then, she likes to say she married a very smart man with a last name she just had to take as her own. 

Brilliant loves working with boomers and seniors. She began her career while volunteering at a senior center where she was given the opportunity to teach a class. The director at the center suggested poetry. Debbie suggested voice-overs. By the second week they had a waiting list. She continued volunteering at various senior centers and NORCS (Naturally, Occurring Retirement Communities) having similar results and even developed a program for homebound seniors where she teaches voice-overs by telephone for DOROT's University Without Walls.
Brilliant's students currently range in age from 55 to 85. According to former voice-over student Joan McDermott from the Penn South Program, "Debbie has that rare quality of focusing on each person as though they were the most important person in the room! All her students love her."

For further information you can contact, or call 212-996-9732

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