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Own the book that started the movement to support women in transition.

The Transition Network and author Gail Rentsch, joined forces to provide the roadmap for women who want to go from "working-full time to living full-time."

Read about TTN founders, Christine Millen and Charlotte Frank, and their vision for women who want to continue a life of engagement. 

Foreward by Lynn Sherr

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Lynn Anderson Barbara Appelbaum Karen Arlen Lynda Barness Linda Blachman Barbara Fay Boudreau Mary Farr Cathy Fiorello  Leia Francisco Karen Gens
Rahla Gold Susan Goldfein  Amy Gorman Mary Hiland Pat Hurley Marion Immerman Martha Johnson Karen Kanter Karen Kullgren Kathleen Vestal Logan
Joy Loverde Jeanette McDonald Susan Meyer Teresa Neal Judy Nelson Sally Wendkos Olds Wendy Papir-Bernstein Joan Ramirez aka J.L. Regen Tirtzah Sandor Monica Schaeffer
Ruth Schimel Beverly Scott Ellen Seigel Pat Snyder Deborah Spungen Hélène Tragos Stelian Roberta Taylor      

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Biography and Auto-Biography

Rahla Gold         Jeannette McDonald      Deborah Spungen      Pat Hurley


        Dr. Susan R. Meyer


      Beverly Scott               Pat Snyder                   Judy Nelson


      Karen Kanter          Karen Gens         Beverly Scott         Joan Ramirez       
                                                                                                aka J.L. Regen



    Sally Wendkos Olds            Susan Goldfein             Lynda Barness         Lynda Barness     


          Monica Schaeffer        Hélène Tragos Stelian        Karen Arlen                 Karen Arlen


  Barbara Fay Boudreau      Wendy Papir-Bernstein          Teresa Neal                  Mary Hiland

Positive Aging

           Joy Loverde            Linda Blachman             Cathy Fiorello         Amy Gorman

   Marion Immerman      Kathleen Vestal Logan   Barbara Appelbaum  Barbara Appelbaum



     Be a Woman Warrior                  
      Lynn Anderson            Martha Johnson         Ellen Seigel              Leia Francisco
Roberta Taylor           Karen Kullgren          Tirtzah Sandor         Deborah Spungen 


       Ruth Schimel                 Mary Farr                   Mary Farr