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Our members are the heart and soul of The Transition Network.  Our chapters are born, nurtured and grown through the vision and energy of these exceptional women. And they come to TTN with wonderful life stories of successful careers, diverse families, and plentiful life experiences to share.  

Browse through our Member Profiles to learn more about what brought our members to this point in their lives, what they are hoping to accomplish next and how they view their impact on the world.

Lisa Dworkin

I joined TTN-Chicago in May 2011 when I was looking for a book group. I was familiar with Civic Ventures and learned about TTN and its local chapters through Civic Venture's website. After attending my first meeting, I was anxious to belong to an organization made up of such interesting, intelligent women. I suggested forming a travel peer group shortly thereafter and our first meeting was held in December 2011.

Between then and now the group has morphed into more of a local day trip group than a travel group.
I started in January 2011 because I was yearning to do something I truly enjoyed, but as a business rather than a hobby. Prior to, I was a futures trader, science teacher, curriculum designer, and president of a non-profit organization. You could definitely say I'm a jack-of-all-trades. is a website that offers illuminating and honest information about beaches around the world. I have even developed a rigorous beach checklist, which I personally use to grade and rate every beach featured on the website. All the reviews are based on my personal experience or the experience of someone I know. I never use third-party information to write a beach review. Recently received two huge honors: I was asked to become a Huffington Post travel blogger and was named one of the Top 25 Travel Blogs of 2012 by

You can connect with me at, The Huffington Post, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.