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Our members are the heart and soul of The Transition Network.  Our chapters are born, nurtured and grown through the vision and energy of these exceptional women. And they come to TTN with wonderful life stories of successful careers, diverse families, and plentiful life experiences to share.  

Browse through our Member Profiles to learn more about what brought our members to this point in their lives, what they are hoping to accomplish next and how they view their impact on the world.

Victoria Weill-Hagai

His health was already deteriorated when they married, and the last seven years he was debilitated.  She never resented her caretaking role, which she described as “the most peaceful, loving and fulfilling of my life,” but the point came when “he ran out of things to repair.”

Like many others in her situation, she joined a grief group, which gave her support.  Yet, “for three and a half years I was completely flattened by sadness.”  Grief was becoming a habit.  “I tried different things to break it, but nothing worked.”

Unlike many widows who are pretty much abandoned by friends, she found that hers “flocked around,” including ones she hadn’t seen for years.  Yet, despite her friends, as an artist who worked at home without an office to go to or a structured schedule, she found herself alone a lot.

Ironically, her own health problem eventually led to a positive change.  When she was in the hospital recovering from a burned foot, friends “dropped their lives” to help take care of her.  “Much as I appreciated my friends’ kindness, I thought there must be some organization to help with medical issues such that people would not have to drop their lives.”  She broadcast her search to everyone she knew, and another woman in her grief group told her about The Caring Collaborative of The Transition Network. 

In The Caring Collaborative, members voluntarily provide health-related support services for each other. In addition, CC members meet regularly in Neighborhood Groups to discuss health-related topics, but mainly, to meet their neighbors who will help them and whom they will help when they have a health problem. It was exactly what she had searched for.

And she got the Transition Network as a bonus.  The Transition Network describes itself as “an inclusive community of professional women, 50 and forward, whose changing life situations lead them to seek new connections, resources and opportunities.”

Victoria jumped in. “I knew it wasn’t enough just to join; I knew I had to participate.”  In addition to her Neighborhood Group for the Caring Collaborative, she went to the monthly New York City TTN chapter meetings and to the Caring Collaborative Health Strategies Seminars; she joined committees and several peer groups, TTN’s small peer groups focus on discussing life transitions or specific interests.  “TTN got me out of the aloneness and the sadness.  It saved my life.” 

Her calendar filled up with activities she finds meaningful and satisfying.  While it was not her motivation to join, she has found “a whole bunch of new friends.” And, she found out something unexpected about herself: that “I'm a leader, and I can use my creativity to benefit TTN and CC, helping other women.” 

~Judy Langer