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Our members are the heart and soul of The Transition Network.  Our chapters are born, nurtured and grown through the vision and energy of these exceptional women. And they come to TTN with wonderful life stories of successful careers, diverse families, and plentiful life experiences to share.  

Browse through our Member Profiles to learn more about what brought our members to this point in their lives, what they are hoping to accomplish next and how they view their impact on the world.

Kim Fischer

I live in Pensacola, Florida, in the western Panhandle where there is no TTN chapter, so I was especially interested in talking with Kim Fischer about how to start one. Kim currently lives in Minnesota after living in places from New York to California. She has had a wide range of jobs, including Hewlett-Packard, teaching exercise and dance classes, office manager for a chiropractor, representative for a high school exchange program, shoe saleswoman, and Rainbow Treecare to save her beloved ash trees. Issues with her back motivated her to attend school for a nutrition certificate. Currently, Kim is teaching Pilates and yoga, all while starting her own business. Talk about a creative and adaptable woman!

Around 2012, due to circumstances, she found herself in Minnesota with no circle of friends. That’s when she decided, “I wanted a community of women.” She called TTN’s Ellen Singer-Coleman in Philadelphia who suggested Kim start a chapter. She thought, “Why not? National['s Executive Director Susan Collins] gave me a list of names from this area. I called them one by one, then met with nine of them. Four said ‘yes’ to starting a chapter.”

I asked her about the process of starting one. The challenges? “I’m having a hard time rallying one hundred women.” She also found that, “You need more than two people doing this. It could easily be a twenty-hour a week job.” Early on, she determined that she wanted to be a co-leader. “You need someone who is a driver, who also has energy and passion.”

“Where are you in development now?” I asked. She said, “We’re a chapter in formation. After a year, we can’t seem to get a leadership team together. We have one hundred seventy women on our mailing list, but only twenty six actually joined TTN. We do get thirty women showing up for speaking events.”
And the rewards? “I love what TTN does. I went to Santa Fe. I loved meeting the other women. It was exciting to have that energy. I have lots of access to TTN leadership; they are very helpful. It’s been a great experience.”

“Do you have any advice for someone who is interested in starting a chapter?” I wondered. She did. “Jump in with both feet! Be excited, get other women excited. Roll up your sleeves and be willing to do the work. It’s all about serving other women. Have fun!”

As you can see, this is a chapter experiencing normal growing pains, but well on its way to becoming a positive force for the women who choose to get involved. And with such an enthusiastic leader as Kim, I have no doubt it will happen. Her final comment was, “I still love it!”