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Janet Wright-Simpson

1) Tell us a little bit about your career before you retired.
I began my career as a hospital nurse and within a year had transitioned into home health care, where I eventually became a Director of Nursing. After several years of working in health care, I returned to school to pursue a law degree. During the decade and years that followed, I worked in large corporate settings implementing and managing policy and best practice programs related to hiring, workers’ compensation & medical case management — with eventual oversight of business planning and administrative services for the global medical department of a large international company.  I was most proud of creating career paths for nurses within corporate settings and establishing a successful framework for organizations to better serve employees who sustained work related injuries or illness.
2) How have you found purpose in your retirement?
While I stepped off my professional career path earlier than planned, as a result of a corporate merger, I don’t think I ever slowed down! When my daughters were still in school, I volunteered extensively in their schools until my youngest graduated from high school. One the highlights for me was co-chairing the senior class Ethics Forum, which I did for several years. I was able to help both of my parents navigate their aging journeys while volunteering in free health clinics, working on political campaigns and later serving as advocate for residents in long-term care. Time has afforded me the opportunity to train for open water swimming events and the chance to explore more creative parts of myself such as writing poetry. I’m always looking ahead at what’s next, which includes taking time to do the things that make me smile.
3) What have you learned from your experience in the many transitions over your life?
But for the challenges, I wouldn’t have what I need to step out of my comfort zone, where I believe critical learning takes place. I’ve also learned what I need to do to stay balanced. 
4) Why did you join the Transition Network?
A long time friend invited me to a program three years ago and I was immediately intrigued by this group of intelligent and dynamic women. My involvement in TTN continues to help me grow