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  • Suppose you fell and broke your leg.  Who would walk your dog?
  • What if you developed a life-threatening and/or long-term condition (i.e., hip-replacement surgery, cancer).  What information might you need?
The Caring Collaborative, a service provided to members of our chapter, is based on the premise that most of us are determined to remain independent as we age. The goal of the Caring Collaborative is to create a supportive safety net to preserve and promote healthy independence by helping each other in times of short-term health needs or other personal crises.
The Philadelphia Caring Collaborative is made up of the following components:
Member Service Corps - is a group of volunteers who deliver helpful services to members when illness or injury leads to temporary disability.   Organized by neighborhood, CC members pledge to be there for you – to shop for you, pick up prescriptions, or perhaps, just provide good company or a helping hand while you convalesce.
Member Information Exchange (MIX) –is a valuable resource and repository of members’ knowledge of physicians, including alternative and complementary providers, medical diagnoses, and experiences. It offers a way to help members cope with illness or surgery, allay concerns, and support the decision-making process It provides an opportunity to speak directly and confidentially to other members who have had similar health issues. 

The Caring Collaborative is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical or counseling services, nor can it replace daily home care when that is necessary.
Speaker Series – The Caring Collaborative engages dynamic speakers for high interest health and wellness programs. Watch for announcements on the Events web page.
Resource Groups – These small, informal groups provide a monthly forum for women with similar health concerns or conditions to share resources and support one another.  Our mission is to provide Caring Collaborative members the opportunity to focus on their specific health interest in a confidential and intimate setting. 

Membership in the Caring Collaborative is available to all TTN members in the Philadelphia Chapter. Membership is free, but in order to participate you must attend an Orientation Session.  This session ensures that new members understand the scope and boundaries of the Collaborative’s activities.
Sound interesting?  Want to know more?
Please contact with any questions you may have and to reserve a spot at our next Orientation Session.