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Peer Groups -- A Signature Benefit of TTN membership
Peer groups are a special feature of The Transition Network and the building blocks of a rewarding experience in the New York City Chapter.

Peer Groups are created by and for TTN members to explore issues of mutual interest. These groups meet in informal, interactive settings that enable participants to discover new connections and opportunities. The NYC Chapter offers two types of Peer Groups: Transition Peer Groups (TPGs) and Special Interest Groups (SIGs).

NOTE: You must be a member of TTN to join/participate in a TPG or SIG.

Why should I join a TPG or SIG?
  • To explore new ideas and educational opportunities
  • To be part of  a warm, welcoming and open community
  • To have a safe and confidential space to share your thoughts and concerns
  • To meet and form friendships with women who share your interests and passions
TPGs are where we connect – face to face – to explore what’s next in our journey. These small group settings provide a safe and confidential environment where you can have stimulating conversations relating to the transitions that occur as we move through the various phases of our lives. Here, you can share your stories and learn from one another. While the groups create a supportive environment, they are not therapy groups.
Groups are generally made up of 10-12 women who meet monthly in members’ homes. The groups generate topics of mutual interest and relevance to their members’ current lives. Discussion topics range from those that are light-hearted and fun to others that help members to define and think through their futures.
For more information about TPGs, click HERE  

SIGs often start with one woman who has a passion and is looking for someone with whom to share it. There are groups that discuss books, go to movies, attend theatrical performances and opera, walk together, dine out, cook in, travel to places near and far, discuss politics and current events or photography or financial matters or dating…the list goes on. Since many SIGs meet in members’ homes, space may be limited, and they fill up quickly.
For more information about SIGs, and to see a list of open SIGs, click HERE.

But remember, you need to join TTN before you can connect with other members in any of our peer groups.

Click HERE for answers to FAQs about TTN Peer Groups.

For more information about joining a  Peer Group, contact: 
Special Interest Groups (SIGs) Rhoda Super ( or for Transition Peer Groups (TPGs) Karen Merson (  

For information about joining TTN, contact Barbara Alpern at

Privacy Policies: Anything that occurs within a Peer Group is private, including the email membership list. In addition, Peer Group lists are not to be used for soliciting for personal or business purposes -- such as blogs, workshops, or non-TTN events -- that are unrelated to the peer group, unless there is prior agreement. Members may, on occasion, send emails to a few people who may be interested in specific events. These are not general mailings, and there is no objection to them, although we hope TTN members will keep these to a minimum.