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New York Chapter Committees

Joining a TTN committee is a great way for any member - new ones included - to meet new people, use your talents and have some fun.

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If you're interested in any of the committees listed below, please contact the chair to learn more.  If you have an idea for a committee that doesn't exist today, let us know at

Caring Collaborative Council

The Caring Collaborative is the program within TTN that focuses on health and wellness. Volunteer members offer each other assistance during times of medical need. They also share information about their personal experience of health conditions and health providers. Educational programs and a quarterly newsletter provide current information to help maximize fitness and vitality.

The Caring Collaborative Council (CCC) is the executive committee of the Caring Collaborative (CC). We meet monthly to ensure that the CC is functioning at a high level and continues to meet the needs of CC members.

Our scope of work includes:

  • Recruitment of TTN members for the Caring Collaborative
  • Orientations: Supervising and recruiting presenters and hosts
  • Neighborhood groups: Supervising and recruiting new organizers, hosts, and facilitators
  • CC Coordinator supervision 
  • NYC Caring Collaborative Website: Updating content
  • Caring Times Newsletter: Writing and editing
  • Caring Collaborative Presentations: Identifying topics and speakers; managing the events
  • Communication with non-NYC Caring Collaborative Chapters
  • Liaisons to other TTN committees
If you are an active member of the Caring Collaborative and interested in joining the CCCouncil, please contact the CC Chair: Barbara Stahura:

Explore NYC

EXPLORE NYC arranges docent led tours of interesting and diverse cultural and artistic venues in New York City and hosts Member Mingle events. 

EXPLORE NYC’s mission is to provide the opportunity for relatively small groups of members, up to about 20, to visit places they may not know in New York City and learn about art and artists, architecture and architects, small museums with important collections, houses of worship that have significance in New York City's history and to walk the city seeing with a different eye.  Of importance also, is that these events provide an opportunity for members to get to know one another in an environment of mutual interest.  There are usually one to two events per month with a charge of $25 per member, $35 per guest.  

The Committee also arranges MEMBER MINGLES, which are minimal-cost events  with a cash bar. These events are held  at fun and friendly places in our city's varying neighborhoods, two or three times a year - allowing a larger group of members to discover new places, meet, share conversations and network.
The goal is to provide programming which will generate member interest and attendance along with a profit to the NYC chapter 
Contact Chair:
Julie Geller:

Life Transition Services (LTS)

TTN-NYC's innovative suite of professionally led transition workshops and activities. LTS programs are designed to help us navigate the changes we are experiencing. They challenge us to "dig deep" and identify the values, passions and experiences that will help us define a new life full of meaning and purpose. Importantly, the programs are action oriented, ensuring that participants come away with a plan that will get them excited about their future.

Contact Chair:
Eileen Kobrin:

Marketing & Communications Committee

The Marketing & Communications Committee works to strengthen TTN’s brand and thereby enhance external and internal communications.  Our goals are to broaden our chapter’s visibility, help increase membership and support our current members.  Specifically, we have been established:

  • To assist various committees as needed with development of communications materials to attract and engage new members, and help retain existing members.
  • To provide communications guidelines for various committees to create a unifying Brand identity, tone and voice for communications to various TTN constituencies.
  • To provide outreach materials, contacts, and publicity to build brand awareness and solicit new members.
  • To identify the best vehicles for communications to reach internal and external audiences.
  • To build a social media presence and partnerships with complementary organizations.
Contact Chair:
Mary Lou Floyd:

Member Enrollment Committee

TTN’s NYC Member Enrollment Committee (MEC) seeks out opportunities to identify prospective members and to communicate to them ways in which their needs and interests can be satisfied through TTN membership and participation.
Identify prospective members and secure their commitment to TTN membership.
Monitor nonmember participation in TTN activities, solicit names at TTN gatherings, and contact other individuals and groups that also serve women over 50.
Court prospective members through various devices:

  • Respond to membership inquiries and referrals.
  • Arrange for distribution of welcome cards and letters, and guest name tags, at every TTN gathering.
  • Arrange for personal greetings of prospective members and the reinforcement of invitations via phone, email, and social media contacts.
  • Prompt speakers and chairs of TTN events to mention membership at each gathering.
  • Follow through after initial contacts, to encourage commitments to join.
  • Provide membership promotion material for the TTN-NYC newsletter.

2015-16 GOALS

  1. Identify upcoming scheduled events that will present opportunities to recruit members, identify contact persons for each event, and plan the appropriate type of contact for each activity.
  2. Produce recruitment devices.
  3. Develop a plan for contacts with prospective members through the NYC newsletter, email, and social media.
  4. Identify groups and media that will carry our membership pitch and approach them to propose reciprocal activities (announcements of events, articles that carry pitches for membership, etc.) – e.g., Senior Planet,
  5. Schedule small-group meetings at member homes to discuss TTN and Caring Collaborative and answer questions about both.
  6. Develop a description of duties for members of the committee who will help achieve these goals.
Contact Chair:
Marti Madory:

Member Services Committee

The Member Services Committee initiates programs to welcome and engage new TTN members and assist them in becoming involved in the organization in a meaningful way.  Due to the positive correlation between a member’s level of involvement and her tenure with TTN, our programs are also intended to positively impact member retention and growth.

The Committee continually considers new ideas to engage, involve and retain members.

Committee Goals:
Call new members each month to: welcome them to TTN, describe the benefits
of membership, inform them about upcoming events and encourage engagement;
Host receptions in committee members’ homes to:  introduce new members to others; describe the organization and the ways to become involved and provide a sense of the community that TTN offers; 
Produce updated, informative materials for distribution at new member receptions
Attend key TTN events to: greet new members and guests and conduct brief informational gatherings at the conclusion of Third Thursday programs;
Participate in occasional, specific email/telephone campaigns to: personally invite new members to special TTN events, simultaneously increasing event attendance.

To join the Member Services Committee, it’s important to be an active TTN member and enjoy connecting with new members by telephone and in person. 

Contact Chair:
Linda Paige Levine: llp382

Peer Group Committee

Peer Groups are a unique benefit of TTN and are the heart of the organization. Our committee organizes and launches new Peer Groups; facilitates Peer Groups initiated by members; organizes quarterly meetings of Peer Group Liaisons (appointed by each Peer Group) to exchange ideas and information; and maintains the Peer Group section of the TTN website.  We also sponsored TTN’s  “Ideas Into Action” initiative, an opportunity for members to advocate for issues of importance to women.

If you would like to join our committee, form a new Peer Group, or have questions about joining an existing group, or if you want to add to or change a Peer Group listing on the New York website.

Contact Chairs:
Karen Merson ( and Rhoda Super (

Program Committee

Creates programs for the monthly TTN membership meetings as well as a broad variety of additional events & speakers throughout the year, which align  with the interests and issues of women in transition. Events include Monthly Forums, the Annual Dinner, Annual Holiday Luncheon, Annual Picnic, Pot Luck Dinners, speakers on a variety of topics and more.  The committee would like new volunteers who are interested in developing programs that appeal to our diverse membership.

Contact Chair:
Sandy Merrill:

Volunteer Program Committee

Provides overall direction of TTN’s volunteer activities, including selection of partner organizations, planning activities that draw upon members’ experience and professional skills, and on-going monitoring of volunteer-related activities. Click here to see current volunteer activities

The Volunteer Program Committee also identifies one-time volunteering events that are fun and rewarding. These events usually end with a small group activity (lunch, drinks, etc.) providing members the opportunity to get to know one another. As always, we strive to team volunteers with other TTNers to provide a social experience as well as an important community service. Announcements of these activities will be posted in the Newsletter and sent via email.

Contact Co-Chairs:
Judy Glass
Betty Rauch: