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In-person CC Assistance is Returning Soon!

Neighborhood Groups for members only are meeting monthly, and new groups are being formed. 
  • What if you developed a long-term or life-threatening condition (such as hip-replacement surgery or cancer)?  What information do you need that a fellow Caring Collaborative member might be able to share?
  • You need to schedule a colonoscopy or a cataract procedure.  How can you find someone to escort you home?
  • Suppose you fell and broke your leg.  Who could walk your dog or pick up a quart of milk?
  • Women supporting women when medical issues arise 
  • Empowering and supporting one another in remaining healthy and energetic  
  • Offering options for help in times of short term health needs
  • Learning about resources and sharing information and personal experiences
  • Confidential
  • Local Assistance
The Caring Collaborative, a service provided exclusively to members only of our TTN-NYC chapter, is based on the premise that most of us are determined to remain independent. Its goal is to preserve and promote healthy independence by assisting each other during periods of medical issues or temporary disability, when requested - providing personal information and support with health practitioners. Since the TTN Caring Collaborative officially launched in October of 2008, hundreds of members have enthusiastically joined and benefited from this program.

Help with errands, or an extra set of hands at home is temporarily on hold due to Covid social distancing precautions.

Membership in the Caring Collaborative is available to all members in TTN's New York City Chapter. Membership is free, but in order to participate you MUST attend an Orientation. This free ZOOM session ensures that new members understand the scope and boundaries of the Collaborative’s activities. (For more information on Orientation, go to the FAQs page.)

To learn more about The Caring Collaborative Experience, click on our members' testimonials:


  • A Member Information Exchange (MIX) - a valuable resource and repository of members’ personal knowledge of healthcare practitioners - including alternative and complementary providers, medical diagnoses, and experiences. It offers a way to help members cope with illness or surgery, allay concerns, and support the decision-making process. It provides an opportunity to speak directly and confidentially to other members who have had similar health issues.
  • A Mutual Assistance Network - Members offer to help CC colleagues who need temporary or occasional assistance. You can ask for/receive help when you need it, and/or provide help to another. Such services might include being another set of ears at a  doctor’s appointment, running errands, shopping or cooking for a person with an injury, accompanying a member to/from Physical Therapy, a doctor’s visit or a colonoscopy.  
  • Neighborhood GroupsThe Caring Collaborative offers a network of more than 300 women, many of them part of 22 neighborhood groups, who pledge to be there for you. Attending meetings of Neighborhood Groups fosters friendships. A familiar face makes it easier and more comfortable to ask for and give help. The casual meeting forum is also invaluable for sharing information on successful health strategies, to discuss health topics of interest and share tips and information with other CC members who live near you. Each Neighborhood Group is facilitated by a CC member. They meet monthly.
  • Caring Collaborative Presentations - for TTN members and their guests, where accomplished practitioners discuss health and wellness issues with a special concentration on staying healthy and vigorous.
  • Health and Wellness Event Alerts - Notices of Free Virtual Health and Wellness lectures and activities in NYC, presented by recognized healthcare professionals and organizations.
  •  Use this link for frequently updated CC resources to help you Stay Well (REVISED LIST)  
  • Liz Kreuger Senior Resource Guide - New 2021 Edition - the most comprehensive guide to resources for older adults in our community. You will find expanded information about long-term care, veterans’ benefits, advanced directives, and caregiving. You will also find additional expert resources on healthcare, housing, consumer protection, continuing education, transportation, and much more. Click HERE to access the Guide.  
  ​ Click on the names of the manuals to get a PDF of each of them.   

Barbara's Testimonial                                                             

The Caring Collaborative is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical or counseling services, nor can it replace daily home care when that is necessary.
"The list and comments are invaluable. I had no idea this existed and I can’t thank you and the members who responded enough."

"The Caring Collaborative volunteer made me feel secure. I could just relax, knowing she was ready and willing to take me home after a medical procedure.”
"Well, I get rewarded (too). I escorted XXX home, we had breakfast, discovered we both love bacon and the theater. We’ve been going to the theater together ever since."

For more information, please go to the FAQs page.



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