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Let’s stay connected during the Covid19
self-isolation period!

The Transition Network prides itself on keeping women in our stage of life connected and present in the world. Now during this critical period of time fighting the coronavirus in our communities, we’re the cohort that may become particularly isolated and miss our daily activities.

But there are still ways we can keep ourselves from feeling alone and confined. Here’s how our chapter can thrive until we are out and about again:



So much of what TTN offers are our groups that come together for various reasons and on different topics, like our Transition Peer Groups (TPGs), Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and Caring Collaborative Neighborhood Groups (CC-NGs). So let’s keep meeting using Zoom video services and your chapter will cover the monthly subscription charges.

If you have used Zoom before, then you know how simple it is to use. If you haven’t, it’s easy to learn. Click here to find out how easy and how it works. 

So identify someone in your TPG, SIG or CC NG group to take the lead and have her contact the chapter committee head in charge of that particular group. They will help your group get a TTN link and password for Zoom.

Skype also offers video conferencing for those who are familiar with it.


The remaining March events have been postponed and also most of April’s. We will resume offering our in-person programs when the time is deemed right. In the meantime we are planning to post webinars to our event calendar, some that we will produce and others from partnering organizations. Standby for more on that.


We still want to maintain healthy lifestyles during this stressful time. But we won’t be providing escort services to and from doctors’ appointments and medical procedures or other in-person services for a while. There are still ways CC members can be of mutual assistance to each other.

Maybe you’re a little flummoxed over how to order food and drugs online. You would like to join a webinar or video or audio conference call but wouldn’t know where to begin. Or perhaps you would just like someone to talk to. We are temporarily expanding the Member Information Request (MIX) service to include these and other similar requests in the same way as before. 

Just contact the Caring Collaborative Coordinator at, as you would normally do. The only difference is that we can’t call on other members to make deliveries or provide any other in-person services during this social distancing period. We are looking into rolling this service out soon to all of our chapter members.

For caregivers and their loved ones during this outbreak of Coronavirus, Dr. Aparna Chopra, Fellow, Weill Cornell Geriatrics Department, will address will explain what makes this virus different, its symptoms, mode of spreading, incubation, diagnosis, treatment and prevention. More



We are a group that likes to explore and pursue new ideas, gather information and then share it. So let's continue doing this online. Check out our chapter’s blog to see what’s there and get some comments going. For example, if you have or need a good take-out restaurant on the UWS, enjoyed an online museum tour, found a good TV series to binge on or want to meet up with a local member in your neighborhood for a walk in the park, make a comment under one of the posts. If you have an idea for a post or a great photo to share, tell us by filling out the Contact Form on the blog site.

We’d like to get a chat room going too. If anyone has that expertise and time to set it up, please contact

In the meantime, see some of the recommendations we’ve already received from members: 

What to Binge During Our Self Isolation

Cultural And Educational Things To Do

Wellness Resources to Fight Isolation

Coronavirus Humor & Other Clever Bits? 

We look forward to getting our lives and our chapter back to normal. In the meantime we hope you will take advantage of these interim offerings. It’s so important that we stay in touch with our TTN friends. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you are missing that connection. And expect to hear from us frequently as we come up with other ways we can weather through this health crisis together. Stay well.

Warm regards,
TTN-NYC Chapter
Steering Commitee
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Mona Kreaden was one of the original TTN Board members who helped bring TTN from a loose aggregate of women in NYC to a national member organization.  She also developed the Peer Group Program and worked with a group of TTNers in the San Francisco chapter to create TTN-HOME, a program for women over 50 looking for housing options.

Hear Mona and Paul talk about their relationship in a very candid discussion of what works and what doesn't.  Pick up some practical tips on how all this can happen later in life.  As Mona says, "It's a gift. Whoever thought at this age you could fall in love? It's amazing. Be open to it happening. And go for it!'

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