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Transition Peer Groups (TPGs) (TPGs) are small groups who meet to discuss topics from career transitions to changing family relationships to the benefits and challenges of aging. Each group selects its own topics and shares group facilitation and guidance. TTN provides resources to help these groups get started and flourish. There is always an opportunity for a formation of new peer groups in a different geographic location and/ or around specific topics. If you are interested in joining or starting a TPG, please contact Barbara O'Sullivan at

- submitted by Barbara O'Sullivan

Currently the daytime peer groups in the east and west metro area and an evening east metro group continue to meet monthly using Zoom. We all seem to be improving our technology skills so we can focus more on our connections with each other and less on the technology. All three groups welcome new members.

If you are not a member of a peer group now may be a good time to join. Even though we are physically distancing, we can still be connected and not in social isolation. Peer groups offer an opportunity to share ideas and information. Peer groups focus on mutual support and encouragement in an environment of confidentiality, compassion and respect. Peer groups offer a fresh diversity of perspectives and discussions and conversations that can challenge us mentally. And we all have a chance to foster new relationships.

We continue to explore opportunities to add new peer groups either geographically or by topic. Examples of topics can range from work/life balance, accountability groups to get meaningful things done, health and well-being or any idea you may have.

If you are interested in joining an existing peer group or starting a new one, please contact me and I will get you connected. I can be reached via email and am happy to set up a time to talk. I look forward to hearing from you. Wishing you and your loved ones to be safe, healthy, and happy.

If you have questions, please contact Barbara O’Sullivan at

- submitted by Sylvia Mohn

The Life Animated TPG met on May 14 via Zoom to discuss the topic of coping. Discussion was led by Julie. This meeting was a check-in on how we're doing. Members of the group are doing a variety of things from cutting our own hair, cleaning, learning about new media options and podcasts, considering or making housing changes, walking, and taking online classes and webinars. We discussed how differently people and family members are coping with the virus changes and shutdown. Some are in funks and others are trying to establish new routines as we adjust to slow living. Some members are finding it difficult to focus with our “COVID brains”, but some are finding that is improving. One member is looking at the topic of fear and meditation; she recommended the book A Year to Live by Stephen Levine.
Our next meeting is Thursday, June 11, at 10:00 AM via Zoom. Pam will lead a discussion where we can share our feelings.

Please contact Eleni Skevas at if you are interested in joining this group.

TRANSITION PEER GROUP - Living with Purpose
- submitted by Barbara O'Sullivan

Our Living with Purpose Transition Peer Group met May 28 using Zoom. Technology is now added towards the top of our gratitude list keeping us connected and not completely socially isolated. We continue to have great participation as we are in the comfort of our homes. Although truthfully, we are all ready to break out, missing in-person contact. We support each other in this challenging time. The opportunity to be out in our gardens and taking walks where we connect with nature are a calming influence. The blooming flowers and trees and the song birds are amazing this time of year.
We plan to use Zoom meetings until we can gather in-person again. We realize the support, information and knowledge as well as some humor we share with each other is vital at times like this. Our lives are disrupted, but we are strong together to get through this crisis and use this time to see what we learn about ourselves and others.
Our June meeting is scheduled for Thursday, June 25, from 6:30-8:00 PM. Upcoming topics to focus our discussion include outer order and inner calm; wellness and well-being; "Awe" and where we find it. New members are always welcome. Stay well in all aspects of body, mind and spirit.
For more information or questions, please contact Barbara O'Sullivan at

 - submitted by Ginny Jacobson

Seven of us met via Zoom on Monday, May 4 to discuss resilience and hope. Jean Forrey facilitated our meeting. Among the pieces that we shared were poems by Maya Angelou, Wendell Berry, and Stanley Kunitz; a video with birds and joyful birdsong; a YouTube reading of gratitude and blessing; a Ted Talk about three skills that resilient people have; and a newsletter with a perspective on the daily news. We talked about the various ways we are coping and agreed that getting out in nature is very life affirming. 
On Monday, June 1, at 1:00 PM, we will meet via Zoom to share something positive that we are learning, individually and/or globally, during this time of uncertainty and disruption. 
We are open to new members!

For more information or questions, contact Barbara O’Sullivan at