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April 24, 2019
May Meeting - Mindful Eating
Monday, May 20, 2019
Time:  6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Location:  Quest Conference Center, 8405 Pulsar Place, Columbus OH  43240
Members:  Free                      Non-members/Guests:  $10 prepaid
Registration Deadline:  Sunday, May 19, 2019

In our fast-paced society, we are bombarded with an abundance of food choices every day.  On top of that, distractions have shifted our attention away from the actual “art of eating,” and onto televisions, computers and smartphones.

Eating has become a mindless act, often done very quickly. This can be problematic, since it actually takes the brain about 20 minutes to realize our stomachs are full.

Veronica Petta will speak to us about Mindful Eating.  Mindful eating is defined as eating with intention while paying attention.  She will discuss making eating intentional instead of an automatic response.

Hit the Reset Button on Healthy Eating!

We Will Learn
  • What is Mindful Eating?
  • How to Eat Intentionally To Improve Our Health and Well-being  (Videos & Practice Meditation) 
  • To Increase Our Awareness of Food-Related Triggers Giving Us TheFreedom To Choose Our Responses To Them
  • Mindful Eating Tips & Tricks To Transform Our Relationship With Food
Take-home resources will be e-mailed to attendees! 
About Veronica
Veronica Petta is the Founding Principal of Blair Communications, an award-winning communications agency, established in 2000.

During the last several years, Veronica has identified an overlooked and growing market, where consumer-recognized needs and wants were not currently being met.  The complexity of our health care system has given rise to a new professional:  the patient advocate.  Serving as a patient advocate, Veronica helps her clients successfully navigate the increasingly complex, expensive and technologically-driven health care maze.
Anyone interested is invited to gather at the Polaris Grill for dinner at 4:30 before the meeting.  

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April 23, 2019
May Letter from the Chair - Who's In Your Tribe?

In our youth, we understood a tribe to be term used to describe the way Native American Indians were organized and lived.  The use of the term has evolved over the years.  In an updated urban context, the word tribe is used to denote a group of people that will be there no matter what and who you’re guaranteed to have a good time with.
TTN has taken the importance of having a close group of individuals be there to heart.  Designated a TTN Signature Program in 2016, Peer Groups are defined specifically as small groups of 8 – 12 women from the chapter membership who meet on a monthly basis to have meaningful discussions in a safe, confidential and supportive environment.
TTN differentiates Peer Groups from Special Interest Groups because a Peer Group is a consistent group of the same women who agree to meet regularly, usually at least monthly, and share the leadership and direction of their discussions.  In contrast, Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are focused on specific activities shared among those who choose to show up for an advertised activity like our Movie/Theater group or the Wellness group.
When TTN made the transition from calling everything Peer Groups to designating Peer Groups as being something different than Special Interest Groups (SIGs), the groups in the Central Ohio Chapter, Writers, Genealogy, Movie/Theater, and Wellness were all categorized as SIGs.
I recall assuming at the time that Transition Peer Groups only formed with the individuals who had completed The Transition Workshop.
I’ve since learned Transition Peer Groups are formed in other chapters as a way to help ensure they are meeting their mission of deeply connecting women on the path to discovering what’s next.  As recounted in Jonathan Rauch’s book “The Happiness Curve:  Why Life Gets Better after 50,” these small groups of women are the heart and soul of what differentiates TTN from other women’s membership organizations. 
This small group of individuals who you can rely on to be there no matter what – your tribe, is also one of the things necessary for healthy and happy aging.
I’ve been told when Peer Groups were discussed in the past, members of this chapter weren’t interested.  There was a concern it would detract from the Chapter wide activities.
Maybe it’s time to revisit the idea of formal Transition Peer Groups (TPG) within our Chapter.
The existing Writer’s Group has asked to become a TPG to be able to keep the size of the group manageable as well as to make sure members are all staying on the same page from month to month.  I see no reason why the chapter wouldn’t support the transition of our existing Writer’s Group from a SIG to a TPG with set membership unless or until they choose to add more members.
The “Fact Gatherers” group Mary Greenlee has graciously agreed to lead seems like another candidate to be a TPG rather than an open Special Interest Group.   The decision is ultimately up to the individuals who decide to participate.  The advantages for Mary and the other members who embark on doing the work would be shared commitment to participate regularly to ensure progress and avoid back tracking material.  The agreement to maintain confidentiality and support one another could be more explicit ensuring participates feel free to share what many might consider sensitive information.
Additional Transition Peer Groups can be started whenever there are a few members committed to meeting regularly to discuss a specific topic or transition and someone is willing to start off in a leadership role.
I’ve learned recently there are several chapters that started with Transition Peer Groups meeting monthly almost before having regular monthly meetings. 
As I look back over my last 3 years with TTN, I’ve come to believe getting to know people is more difficult in a large monthly meeting model.  It’s easier to remember the faces and names of a handful of people you engaged with in a conversation last month than the names and faces of 20 or more individuals.
I wonder if I would have felt more connected faster if there had been a TPG to join or if I had been invited to start one.
Our June meeting is slated to be another Girls’ Nite Out event and I’d like a part of our sharing to be around the appropriateness of including formal Transition Peer Groups as a part of what we offer the community of women in central Ohio with their membership in TTN.
If you have questions or thoughts about this topic before June, please send me an e-mail at
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April 23, 2019
Summary of April Meeting - Socially Responsible Investing
This month's meeting for the Central Ohio Chapter of TTN was interesting and thought-provoking.  Edie Driskill, who previously wrote the book, Take Charge, spoke to us about investing in a way that allows us to get closer to our values, which will then enable us to be more peaceful. 
What struck me and others was that she raised our awareness as to the different kinds of investing. For example, she briefly spoke about Index Funds and ETFs (exchange traded funds), which she says are by definition, status quo, as long as they make money. For more information on the difference between ETFs and Index Funds, see
Edie also touched on SRI/ESG funds. She described them as investing for good works or "portfolios with a purpose", and they allow you to invest responsibly and still get returns. SRI means Sustainable, Responsible, and Impact investing. ESG funds consider Environmental, Social and corporate Governance, and allows you to align your investments with your values. 
Edie reiterated what we all know: that plastic is the problem. She stated that recycling plastic doesn't really help with the core problem, because gas is a by-product of making plastic.  
She explained "green-washing," which makes a company look more green than it is.  What's more, some companies will make huge returns because what they are doing is illegal.  It is her assertion that index funds make us complacent.  
She continued with explaining "bail reform," which is weighted toward lower income African-Americans. Edie asserts that we are all "slave owners." I am not sure how to make the connection. She suggested we watch the movie "13th," a movie about the Thirteenth Amendment, which eliminates slavery except for when a person is incarcerated. The movie shows how we have figured out how to imprison in order to enslave. 
Ms. Driskill says you can't google "Financial Activism."  However, you can have an impact or be a financial activist by being an "owner" of an organization.  In this way, you can say, "here's what I'd like to see." You can also create a buzz by calling and saying "did you know that this company does this?"  What does activism do to create change? She gave as an example of Dave's Killer Bread, sold at Fresh Thyme Market, and said that this bread company is socially responsible by employing ex-convicts. 
What Edie Driskill wants us to take away is that you can think differently about how you invest. 
If you have questions or comments, you can reach her at
  • written by Donna Owen
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April 23, 2019
Special Interest Groups - Upcoming Events

(1) Komen Race for the Cure - Saturday, May 18 - 7:30am.   Roberta Kayne is walking in the Komen Race for the Cure in May because she and her sister Donna Kayne Owen are breast cancer survivors - Roberta is a 32 year survivor and Donna is at 8 years. Roberta has walked in the Komen Race for the Cure for many years.
This year Roberta started a Team with Balancing Owl Yoga Studio and will be walking with several of her yoga instructors as well as some of her yoga friends. Please join Roberta in walking on Saturday, May 18 to make an impact in the fight against breast cancer or consider making a tax-deductible donation today in support of her fundraising efforts.  Your support helps us get one step closer to a world without breast cancer. 75 percent of the money raised through the Race stays in the community to fund local breast cancer education, screening and treatment programs. The remaining 25 percent supports groundbreaking breast cancer research.   Go to Roberta's Facebook fundraising page  or her Komen Race Page to donate, or go to the Komen Registration Page, click on Join a Team (Balancing Owl Team) to join the team and walk with her and her teammates.
(2) Breast Cancer Awareness Events:  Alison Forche, one of our newest members, and her husband Rob, are inviting the community to partake in a variety of special events designed to promote breast cancer awareness, treatment, preventive care, health and wellness.. As an incentive, they will be drawing one name from a pool of entries to win two tickets to see John Mayer at the Schottenstein Center in Columbus on Saturday, August 3rd. You do not need to be a patient to participate in this contest! Go to to read more and enter.
(3) Barbara Blair-Karr is inviting us to "The He'ART of Concord!", an Art Show and Sale at Concord Counselling, Friday, May 3, from 5-8 pm.  Proceeds go directly to the artists.  Go to for more information or contact Barb at with questions.   
(4) Save the Date for our June Event!  NAMI WALKS - Our TTN Team is:  TTN: The Wanderers!  Barbara Blair-Karr is chairing a TTN team for the Annual NAMIWalks Franklin County. NAMIWalks is a mental health awareness and fundraising event-- the largest in the nation!
What:         NAMIWalks Franklin County
Location:   Wolfe Park, Columbus
Date:          6/08/2019 at 8:30 a.m.
One in Five Americans lives with mental illness. Are you or someone that you know one of them? How has it affected your life? Register and share your reason for participating in NAMIWalks. Your story could inspire others to take action too. Every person who joins the movement helps NAMI reach more people who are affected by mental illness.  Contact Barbara Blair-Karr for more info or

Click Here To Register
For information on the Wellness Group, please contact Roberta Kayne or Maureen Severns at  and  And if you would like to plan an event or have an idea for a wellness event, please contact Roberta or Maureen.

“Slethin’ Genies” Genealogy Group
Contact Virginia Brizendine for more about the "Sleuthin' Genies" Genealogy Group at
Movie/Theatre Group

We are not scheduling a movie night in May, so our next one is Monday, June 24th.  In June, it might be your choice if you let Mary know, so contact Mary Hiland at

Review of the Play, The Game’s Afoot or Holmes for the Holidays
Six members of TTN’s Central Ohio Chapter witnessed our very own Leslie Robinson playing the role of Detective Goring in Ken Ludwig’s The Game’s Afoot or Holmes for the Holidays on March 30th and 31st presented by the Worthington Community Theatre. Combining a bit of Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christi, a-who-done-it murder mystery amused and intrigued the audience until the very end. The play is very loosely based on the life of American actor, William Gillette, who portrayed Sherlock Holmes more than 1,300 times. Leslie gave two spot-on performances, one as the Detective and, then, as an aspiring actress character boldly marching to the front of the stage quoting Shakespearean Lady Macbeth soliloquies. Apparently, Detective Goring wanted to be an actress as a youngster, but just never had the confidence.


Writers Group
The Writers Group has experienced an incredible growth in the last few months – ten active members. Our size makes it difficult to conduct discussion, read our writings, and keep a reasonable meeting time limit, so we are not accepting any more new members at this time. We are now more suitable as a Transition Peer Group rather than a Special Interest Group. Please see the definitions below.

We’ll have more discussion regarding this transition at the regular TTN Meeting on June 17th, which will also be a Ladies Night Out – Cocktails and Conversation.
Our next Writers meeting is May 17th at 1:00 p.m. Contact is Anna Crooks at
Fact Gatherers Group
The next meeting is May 23rd, Thursday from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Contact Mary Greenlee at
New Special Interest Group and Transition Peer Group Ideas/Suggestions
Do you have an idea/suggestion for a new Special Interest Group (SIG) or a Transition Peer Group (TPG)? If so, please contact Anna Crooks at
Transition Peer Group (TPGs) are small groups of 8-12 members, who want to explore life-stage related issues in comfortable, trusting environments. Once formed, the TPGs are limited to those members, who have committed to participate for a specific series of meetings.
On the other hand, the majority of our groups are Special Interest Groups (SIGs), which are more casually organized, and invite any Chapter members to participate in their activities as their schedules allow. 

Read more about SIGs and TPGs in Ann Fox's May Letter from the Chair.

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