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  • Prison Reform and Conditions in MA Prisons, Cassandra Bensahih Formerly incarcerated activist 
  • How to Handle Difficult Conversations  – Breakout groups with Cross-chapter facilitators
  • Meeting the Urgency of the Moment, Dr. Raul Fernandez - Political divide, pandemic, systemic racism all create this urgency
  • Beyond the Quilts - Sisters n Stitches – (Quilts represent their stories and history) Have powerpoint of their quilts
  • She Believed She Could, So She Did – Rebecca Parkhill and Rachel Sagan two women initiate entrepreneur effort to assist disadvantaged girls and women
  • Why Reparations? – Lottte Lieb Dula, founder of reparations4slavery and ancestor of slaveholders, explores this topic.
  • Speak up and Speak Out - Difficult Conversations II Breakout groups with cross chapter facilitators.  When and how to speak up.
  • Black Genealogy – Nicka Smith addresses challenges of tracing black genealogy to slaves.

Material from, 01:18:42 October 21, 2021.
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