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Welcome to the Atlanta CHAPTER!

The Atlanta Chapter encompasses the metro Atlanta area and surrounding suburbs.

For more information about the Atlanta Chapter of TTN, contact Chapter Leads Lori Johnston, Lynn Anderson, Rhoda Margolis, and Clare Stefan at


The Atlanta chapter offers Transition Peer Groups, Special Interest Groups and interest programs to engage our members.  We are also very interested in ways to give back to our community - both locally and across the globe.

We are a growing community of vibrant, engaged, and energetic women 50 years and forward who share experiences, discover new perspectives and options, and make new friends as we embrace this time of transition together.

The poet, Mary Oliver, wrote:  Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

As successful women, we want to apply our strengths and creativity to continue to live active and meaningful lives and use this time well.

In the words of our members, we come together to:

  • Discover new freedoms and explore the richness of experience open to us
  • Create meaningful new relationships and a supportive community
  • Think through retirement issues: define what it means, work through anxieties, and plan and organize next steps
  • Find new passions and start “encore careers”
  • Reinvent ourselves

Come help us build our community and find support as we define and refine our visions for what’s next and make it happen. Newcomers are welcome!   


April 7, 2017
Sole Hope Delivers
Who doesn't love shoes?

Atlanta women gathered to help women and children across the world.  They turned old blue jeans into disease-fighting machines! Read more...

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April 7, 2017
Meet and Eat – a program of the Atlanta Chapter of TTN
Our members are embracing the extraordinary diversity of cultures in the Atlanta metropolitan area by visiting sites of significance and sampling unique cuisine.  And the best part is we're doing it together! Read more...

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