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new CHAPTER forming now

Minneapolis/St. Paul

The Transition Network is launching a Twin Cities Chapter! 

The MSP Twin Cities Founders Group is looking to connect with others to make the most out of the "50 years and forward" transition journey. While our situations may be varied, we can all learn and find support from other women who are also experiencing change.

We have been reaching out to as many Twin Cities women as possible to make connections and planning as many events as we can.  We already have active Special Interest Groups and are now in the process of creating Transition Peer Groups.  We plan to build a strong leadership team so we can reach out to more and more women in our community.  Please join us!  Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity.

For more information about the Minneapolis/St. Paul Group, please contact Steering Committee Chair Jill Goski at or Co-Chair Kim Fischer at


Jill Goski                         Kim Fischer

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Upcoming Events: 

  • February 20 - Let's GAB at Lunds & Byerly's Grocery Store! 7-9 pm

    • Join us to learn how to recall the most important parts of our lives and leave the legacy of those moments for our loved ones.

      The program is presented by TTN member, Diane Nimmer, a trained GAB facilitator.

      Attendees will get a $10 credit for followup workshops should they choose to do that.

      Location: Lunds & Byerly's Grocery Store, The Mezzanine, upstairs
      7171 France Ave. S Edina, MN  (France & Hazelton)

      If you haven't already, I hope you will decide to check us out. Contact: Kim Fischer ( for more information. 

Chapter Information:

Formation of Peer Groups
It all began when five women got together to discuss creating a TTN chapter.  As their discussion continued, they realized what a unique opportunity this was to connect women in a deeper and more meaningful way.  As it says on the TTN website,” connecting with new people opens the door to new networks.  These networks can open the door to new friendships, which become a support system, anchoring us in this new phase of life while stimulating our resolve to make each stage of life better.”  We hope you will want to join one of the small groups we are proposing to begin with: 

Transition Peer Groups generally have 8-12 members and meet on a regular basis (usually monthly) to discuss general transitional issues.  During these meetings, members discuss a pre-selected topic, sharing their personal perspectives and listening as others articulate their own views.  Topics range from dealing with career transitions, to changing family relationships to the benefits of aging.

We need a minimum of 6 to get a TPG started. Let TPG Chair Jill Goski ( know of your interest. Once we have 5 or 6 interested people we will call an organizational meeting to get things started. Transition Peer Groups are a TTN member benefit.

We have a MSP TPG that has been meeting for a year. Sometimes we meet in a public place – a library meeting room, a Byerly’s community room, and sometimes we meet in someone’s living room! It’s a wonderful way to get to know the other women in TTN in a relaxed and informal

meeting once a month. Sometimes we pick a topic to discuss for the next month, sometimes the subject gets generated organically when someone has experienced something they want and need to talk about. Sometimes it’s a fun exercise, sometimes it’s pretty serious. But most of all, in this past year, this group of women have become close and comfortable with each other, supporting each other when needed, connecting through dialogue. 

Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are member-driven which means that anyone who wants to start a group can do just that!  These groups are topic- or activity-specific and bring together members who share similar interests.

Pot Luck Supper

People love potlucks! Who wouldn’t enjoy socializing, meeting new people and learning some new recipes? The Pot Luck Suppers Special Interest Group (SIG) will be a group who gets together in an informal setting to make friends and share favorite recipes. The group will meet at different members' homes. Each month we will have a theme which will be decided by the group at each meeting. Interested?

Contact Kim Fischer (, SIG Chair.

Let's Talk About the Latest Movie

How often have you seen a great movie and have no one to discuss it with?? This group is proposed to function like a book club. A monthly movie will be chosen by the group and seen on your own. Then the group will get together to discuss.

Contact: Kim Fischer (, SIG Chair

*These SIGs are open to everyone, but they require RSVPs.  If you are interested in joining any of these groups in the future, please get in touch with the contact person listed above.

Past Events:

TTN Quarterly Event

This year's quaterly event was in collaboration with AARP with a local celebrity, Richard Leider, who talked about "Purpose". In-between our quarterly events we are going to hold workshops on his program "Life Reimagined". 


TTN January Event Review

Our Wednesday, January 20 Event, “What kind of Legacy Will You Leave Your Loved Ones?” (and other similar titles….;), was our first quarterly event and was a success for the women who were there. They enjoyed a “Cardio Drumming” class from our very own Lori Gerval, enjoyed a protein shake and heard the 3 speaker panel presentation. There will be a follow-up workshop/event that everyone was interested in – Death by Dinner. More details to come in March…… And “Thank You” Lori, for hosting!!


TTN June Event Review

For our June main event, we took things outside to a beautiful part of the city that most of us had not been before. Nine  TTN women and 2 guests joined up at the Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden in the heart of the Minneapolis metro in Theodore Wirth Park. It's a little oasis with paths amongst beautiful oaks, perennials and even blooming Lady Slippers!
We had so much fun that we have created a Special Interest Group (SIG) for walking the metro and would like to invite other TTN women to join us!


Sherre Vincent
Monday, May 18, 2015 6pm Social Hour; 7-9pm Program
Put The “OM” In Your Home ™ …With the Harmony of Feng Shui”

Brenda Braget generously opened her home on Summit Avenue to host our May 18th TTN event.  This wonderful setting provided the perfect opportunity for women to connect during the social hour over a glass of wine and light refreshments.  The good conversation flowed into the program about Feng Shui, a fusion of an art and science.    Sheree Vincent, Allied ASID, the principal of Fusion Designed LLC.  (, shared her expertise.  She shared that now, more than ever, we desire our homes to be our personal sanctuary and how this ancient system of Feng Shui is used for creating a living and working environment that balances and harmonizes with nature.  She provided compelling and practical examples of how understanding and applying Feng Shui – you can create an environment that supports your physical, emotional and spiritual well being - your own personal sanctuary!   
Robin Getman, co-founder of InterACT Group, Quality Service Professionals, on “Are You Happy Now? Help Yourself to a Bigger Slice of Life”
Monday, March 16, 2015, 7-9 p.m. at Carondelet Center, St. Catherine University
Robin Getman entertained, informed, and inspired 35 participants by injecting humor to reinforce a powerful message about methods to improve and build upon health and well-being.  Through this fun and fast moving program, Robin expanded participant’s understanding of 3.5 degrees of learned optimism and four “curing” techniques that can be used to heal the worst, or preserve the best of each of the degrees, and guided them through tools and techniques for increasing overall happiness.  Six women met at Carmelo’s for dinner before the program.

Kathie Kosharek, M.A. on “Living a Strengths-Based Life”
Monday, February 16, 2015, 7-9 p.m. at Carondelet Center, St. Catherine University
Kathie Kosharek, a Gallup-certified Strengths Coach, guided participants through a highly interactive program to identify, with assistance from the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment, what makes them unique and what motivates them.  Kathie’s skillful facilitation provided the foundation for participant discovery of how to apply their strengths and reenergize their day-to-day life.  Participants left with the framework for creating a plan to explore how to leverage their strengths in the second half of life.  Ten women gathered at Luci Ancora for the open dinner before the program.