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Special Interest Groups – They’re SIGnificant!
Special Interest Groups (SIGs) bring together members who share common interests, activities, or goals.  SIGs can be as varied as our members.  Any DC Chapter member can decide to start a SIG.  Members decide how they should be run and provide leadership and organization.  Any member in a SIG might, depending upon the theme, choose a book, pick the restaurant, lead a discussion, or arrange a day trip.  Unlike one-time Events or Programs, SIGs have multiple meetings. 

SIGs can be pretty much anything members want them to be—we’re flexible.  A SIG can be a specific group of members who build connection by recurring meetings, or a loose organization with events open to all chapter members, or a contact network arranging ad hoc activities.  SIGs can have ongoing meetings or they can be of limited duration for a specific topic.  The TTN DC Leadership Team provides support for anyone interested in getting a new SIG underway.

Current TTN DC SIGs include:

Museum Arts SIG – During the pandemic, Museum Arts has been doing Zoom events, where members pick a museum show or an art venue and view it using Zoom.  We’ve used that virtual freedom to see art around the country and world (including Valparaiso for street art and under the ocean art exhibits), or to explore specific artists whose art is anywhere and everywhere.  Museum Arts generally meets at noon on the first Saturday of the month, and for in-person events we follow with a casual lunch.
Theater SIG (NEW) – On hold until theaters fully open again.  This SIG is an ad hoc network of TTN members who like attending live theater in the greater DC area.  Members interested in attending a particular play or other event reach out to the SIG to arrange a companion or group to attend the event.

To connect with a SIG, contact TTN DC SIG Lead Gretchen Schieber at  All SIGs are open to new members unless stated otherwise.  In-person events assume continuing improvement in Covid-19 statistics and may be postponed or moved online if that changes.

More ideas that are only waiting for some interested folks:
  • Book Clubs
  • Crafting
  • Cultural events
  • Day Trips
  • Dining Out
  • Discussion groups
  • Games
  • Gourmet Cooking
  • Hiking/Walking
  • Learning
  • Movies
  • Potluck
  • Sports
  • Writing
  • Whatever else that’s of interest to you!
If you want to help start a SIG, express interest in a future theme, or just have questions, contact Gretchen Schieber, SIG Lead, at  And, what the heck, if you have an idea for a one-time event—get in touch about that, too!

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