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Transition Peer Groups — A Unique Benefit of TTN

Transition Peer Groups focus on general transition issues for members who want to articulate, define, think through and manage change in their lives, whether it is leaving full-time work, dealing with post-employment issues or other major next-stage issues, such as use of time, new identity, separation from professional colleagues, making new friends, risk-taking, etc. Although participants can provide some support to a member confronting a crisis, Peer Groups are not "therapy groups" and cannot substitute for professional help.

Click here to download the Transition Peer Group Manual.

Privacy Policies: Anything that occurs within a Peer group is private, including the email list. In addition, Peer group lists are not to be used for soliciting for personal or business purposes—such as blogs, workshops or non-TTN events—that are unrelated to the peer group, unless there is prior agreement. Members may, on occasion, send emails to a few people who may be interested in specific events. 

ALL PEER GROUP PARTICIPANTS MUST BE TTN MEMBERS.  See our membership information page and/or email Betty Bartos  for details.  Scholarships available.

Interested in Joining a Transition Peer Group?

If you would like to join a Transition Peer Group—or would like more information—please contact Betty Bartos  

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