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Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are topic or activity oriented.  They bring together members who share common interests, activities or goals.  Take a look, and if you don't find what you're looking for, we will get a new group going.  Submit your ideas to SIG Chair Janice Wallace.  The idea will be posted and once we have 5 or 6 interested people we will call an organizational meeting to get things started. Special Interest Groups are a TTN member benefit.

New SIGs Forming                                                                         

Volunteer for a Day
Doing good while having fun!  This group will seek out one time volunteer opportunities where many hands make light work.  Get to know other TTN members and have a chance to sample volunteer options.  A great way to test drive local organizations needing volunteers.

Contact Janice Wallace at


Existing SIGs                                                                                    

See an existing SIG that you are interested in?  Contact the SIG leader to see if space is available.  Some SIGs may have waiting lists. No space available now? Consider starting your own SIG on the same or similar subject by contacting Janice Wallace at

‚ÄčTED Talks Discussion Group

TED talks are fascinating, inspiring and sometimes provocative. Join a group of fellow explorers to discuss a TED talk that you have all watched. Members take turns picking the TED talk, leading the discussion and bringing snacks.
TED Talks is currently meeting on Zoom.

If you are interesting in joining this group, contact Janice Wallace at


Exploring Life over Seventy

Every decade is different. Join a group of women in San Francisco who are exploring their thoughts, feelings and experience of being in our 70s.
This group is closed to new members at this time.

Contact Janice Wallace at to discuss joining this group or forming other age specific groups.


San Francisco Non-Fiction Book Club

Second Wednesdays:  3:00 - 5:00 PM

Discussing non-fiction books that challenge and expand our horizons. Members take turns selecting books and hosting meetings.
 This group is currently meeting on Zoom.

Send an email to Nancy Ware at for more information about a waiting list or starting your own group.

Travel Partners

Love to travel? It’s great to have a travel partner or partners to share the experience with. This group is dedicated to talking about interesting destinations and planning partner or small group trips to enjoy together.  We are currently taking local day trips so members can get better acquainted.
The is group is currently inactive due to Covid restrictions.

Contact Janice Wallace at

Let's All Go To The Movies

Are you a movie buff?  Do you rarely miss a new release?  Join other movie fans to enjoy a movie together and meet afterward for a discussion.
This group is currently inacive due to Covid restrictions.

Contact Mae King Go at

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