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SIGs (Special Interest Groups) are like mini-clubs.  The purpose is to bring together chapter members who share common interests.  The SIGs are organized and led by the members themselves, using TTN-defined parameters.  SIGs are a commitment on your calendar.   Unlike TTN events or programs which are usually a one-time occurrence, SIGs typically meet once a month and a few meet once a week.   Most SIGs have a maximum capacity so there are often wait-lists to get in.  Please let us know ASAP if you are interested!!  

Special Interest Groups are a TTN member benefit.  You must be a member in good standing to participate in SIGs. No guests are permitted to attend SIGs.
More Info on SIGs How Do I Join a SIG? Starting a New SIG

Look through our Newly Forming SIGs to join a new group and have a voice in establishing that SIG.  And browse our open SIGs to join one (or more) for more fun.
See the end of this page or the links above for more information.
SIGs You Can Join Today

Canasta in Center City

This is a brand-new SIG for complete beginners through experienced players. Many of the members who already registered for this are currently taking lessons.  It is anticipated that this SIG will be a mix of experienced and beginner players

Contact Jamie Fischer (​)

Dinner in Center City 

Meet other women for a monthly dinner at a variety of restaurants in Center City. This is a brand-new SIG so you will have a say in where and when it will meet.

Contact Jamie Fischer (​) or Risa Granick (

Movies in Center City

This SIG plans to visit movie theaters in Center City.  Most of those who already registered are not ready to return to theaters due to the Pandemic.  However we want to begin to get organized, so we are ready to go as soon as our members feel safe again. This SIG, when it begins, will meet once a month.  

Contact Jamie Fischer (​) or Kathleen Sullivan (

Lunch Potluck in Center City

This SIG will meet in member’s homes. Members bring food to share with each other monthly.

Contact Jamie Fischer (

Philly Fun and Art

This group will meet on the first Wednesday at 11 am. They will explore a plethora of venues such as: arboretums and gardens, art centers, churches, factories, architecture, private art collections, house tours, museums…lots of local gems! Sometimes the most interesting things to do are found close to home.

Contact Kristina Baker (

Travel Close to Home

This SIG will take day trips, once a month, to a variety of locales.  Each month will be organized by a different member.  As this is a brand new SIG, you will have a say in how it is organized

Contact Jamie Fischer (

Wine in Center City

Learn a bit about wine but mostly have fun drinking it. This is a brand-new SIG so you will have a say in where and when it will meet and how it is organized.

Contact: Jamie Fischer ( Risa Granick (

A Closer Look
Second Wednesdays 12:30

How many times have you seen a movie, gone to an art exhibit, watched a televisions show or enjoyed a performance at the theater and wanted to discuss it with someone. Well this is your opportunity to make your voice heard in a SIG devoted to film, theater, dance and all the creative expressional we love to call “the arts.”  Members choose a month and plan an excursion, an experience, or a discussion.  They have a few openings for new members who are interested in their eclectic ideas and are willing to help with the planning.

Contact Marcia Goldstein (​)

Fiction Plus Book Club
Fourth Tuesday

This group meets monthly to discuss a variety of books. Most of the time they are novels but that is not always the case.  They have been meeting in-person and on zoom.

Contact: Debbie Staple (​)

Books That Challenge Us
First Monday

This group meets on the first Monday of each month on Zoom.  They read and discuss more complex books that require some thought.

Contact: Anne Marie Gold (

​Food for Thought
First Thursday 6:00PM

This Foodie SIG meets via Zoom to discuss recipes and just have some fun. They will meet in member homes when the pandemic is less of a risk.

Contact: Fran Jonas (

Rittenhouse Walkers
Every Monday 9:00

Meet fellow members at the gazebo in Rittenhouse Park every Monday morning at 9:00.  The group walks for about three miles and then often has coffee together afterward.

Contact: Contact Mary Canter (

Murder, Ink.
Third Wednesdays:  10:30 AM - Noon

Do you like nothing better than settling in with a great murder mystery or crime novel?  Satisfy your inner Nancy Drew by joining a book club focused on well-written, well-plotted mysteries.  Each month, we will explore one of the many sub-genres to understand their attraction – historical, international, American regional and the best-loved and admired detectives (male and female). Currently, meetings take place on zoom.  Soon, meetings will be held in member homes in Center City.

Contact:  Lynn Israel (

Suburban Readers
Second Thursdays:  1:00 PM 

Do you love to read and are looking for a book group but don’t want to travel into the city? Like-minded suburbanites are looking for YOU! This group reads a variety of genres. The location is currently on zoom but may rotate among member homes in the future. 

Contact: Mary Barnette ( or Marcy Borofsky (  

Books From Around the World
Third Wednesday 10:30
Come join us as we tour the world….all without a passport!  Each month we leave the U.S. via books.  We've recently been to Greece, Ghana and Sweden and now we’re on our way to Iceland, Russia, and Egypt.  Our books are mainly fiction/some are translated, but all authentically represent life in their country of origin.  Come fly with us!

Contact: Eileen Smithe (

Suburban Movies
Second Mondays: about 3:00 PM

The Bryn Mawr Film Institute is the place for this group of movie lovers.  Members meet once a month to view an afternoon film and then get together at the lobby café to share a meal and discuss the movie. During the pandemic the group has been meeting online.

Contact Barbra Shotel  (

Center City Lunch
Second Tuesday 11:30

This SIG goes to Center City restaurants for chit chat and lunch on the second Tuesday of each month.  Each month, the lunch is organized by a different member.  

Contact Donna Root (

Suburban Ladies Who Lunch
Second Wednesdays

This SIG meets out on the Main Line for lunch.  Each month, a different member chooses the restaurant and discussion topic.  The goal is good food, camaraderie, and pleasant conversation.  Due to Covid, the SIG  prefers to dine outdoors.

Contacts: Debbie Fickler (
Helen Ockenden (

Maj Jong in Center City
Wednesdays 1:30

This is a brand-new SIG for complete beginners through experienced players.Players will be organized by experience level so please indicate whether you are a complete beginner, a maj maven, or somewhere in-between!  

Contact Merle Glass (

What is a SIG?

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) bring together members who share common interests, activities or goals.  SIGs are member-driven.  Members initiate them, decide how they should be run, and provide leadership and organization.  SIGs are participatory.  Each member, depending upon the genre, may be asked to choose a book, movie or restaurant, lead a discussion or make arrangements for a day trip.  SIGs are a commitment on your calendar.   Unlike Events or Programs which are usually a one-time occurrence, SIGs usually meet monthly and depend upon the presence of its members to grow in friendship and knowledge.

Although some SIGs are unlimited in participation, many limit their participation to 12-14 members.  This is a decision made within each SIG, mostly to accommodate good conversation among members or to accommodate living spaces used for meetings.  

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How Do I Join?

Special Interest Groups are a TTN member benefit.  You must be a member in good standing to participate in SIGs.

To join a SIG contact Jamie Fischer ( or a contact person listed on this page to let the organizer(s) know of your interest.  
To join an Open SIG, contact the SIG Lead listed in the SIG description.  The Lead will give you details on the group – how, when, where – and you are ready to go.

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Starting a New SIG

Our best ideas come from our members!  If you have an idea for a new SIG and are willing to shepherd the idea forward and lead the group, email the SIG Chair, Jamie Fischer (

The idea will be posted on the webpage under Newly Forming.  Once we have 7or 8 interested people she will call an organizational meeting to get things started. 

Your ideas are encouraged!  Where one member is interested, there are sure to be more.

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