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The Power of Collective Giving

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What’s the BUZZ in Philadelphia?

It’s TTN Philadelphia’s Giving Circle, an amazing group of women dedicated to improving the lives of women, children and youth in Philadelphia. Leveraging the POWER OF COLLECTIVE GIVING, the Giving Circle has supported deserving nonprofits in Philadelphia for almost a decade, making grants totalling over $185,000 since its inception.

Want to know more? 

Join us at The Wine & Cheese Celebration and Annual Meeting!

Please join us on November 4th for a wine and cheese party as we celebrate the TTN Philadelphia Giving Circle’s wonderful year! Whether you are currently a Giving Circle member or looking to learn more, we promise an informative event, and a good time.

We look forward to welcoming remarks from Alice Milrod, Chair of the TTN Philadelphia Chapter, about the importance of the Giving Circle to TTN Philadelphia and how, working together, we strive to have a positive impact in the city. Then we’ll hear:

  • an overview of the year’s many highlights

  • Ann Lipshutz, Chair of the Grants Committee, review the grant process 

  • two members of the Giving Circle speak about how they’re affected by the role they’ve played this year

  • how you can get involved

We’ll also be inspired by guest speaker, Stefanie Seldin, President & CEO of Rebuilding Together. Philadelphia(2017 Giving Circle grant recipient), who will tell us how the Giving Circle’s grant has impacted its ability to revitalize communities by bringing volunteers and communities together to transform vulnerable, owner-occupied houses into safe, healthy and energy-efficient homes.

Finally, next year marks the TTN Giving Circle’s 10th year! We’ll give you a sneak preview of the amazing events in-planning for our tenth anniversary celebration in 2022! 

We do hope you’ll join us. We haven’t had many opportunities to see each other, chat, learn and have fun, together! 

Let’s do it!

Date/time: Thursday, November 4, 2021, 5:30-7:30pm EDT
Location: 1735 Market Street, Philadelphia
Registration Deadline: Monday, November 1, 2021


NOTE: Photo ID’s are required to enter the building, vaccine cards will be checked and masks must be worn.

Now a reality check. While we are planning our first in person event in about 18 months, and we really hope to get together in person, we are also making contingency plans for a hybrid event or totally zoom event in case circumstances at the time rule out an in person get-together. We’re being optimistic and planning accordingly, but we all understand that conditions change rapidly, and we need to be able to pivot to make sure we’re all safe and comfortable. 

Register today and we’ll keep you informed if hybrid and/or zoom become our venue.

Commitment to Literacy

On September 22nd, TTN’s Giving Circle held a hugely successful and educational session, “Commitment to Literacy”. The program featured the literacy initiatives being undertaken by Philadelphia organizations focusing on improving literacy, including two Giving Circle grantees. The program helped us to improve our understanding of the literacy challenges facing the city and learn how we can help close the literacy gap that has been shown to have a direct correlation with job attainment and ability to move out of poverty.

The speakers were from Treehouse Books, Achieve Now, Why Not Prosper and Covenant Training Services. Each of the speakers brought a unique perspective to the issue of literacy as well as how to break the cycle of poverty. It was a truly informative and motivational program. They also all expressed how thankful they are for the support they receive from TTN.

In case you weren’t able to attend, here is a montage of screen shots from the event:

The Power of Collective Giving

The Giving Circle has big plans to close out 2021 and for the upcoming 10th anniversary year. We hope that you will join us as we continue to focus on collective philanthropy and the power of collective giving in increasing the impact of each dollar given on the lives of women, children and youth in Philadelphia. If you have not yet made your gift to support our 2022 grants cycle, see below “Join/Donate” and follow the instructions to make your gift today.

Want to Do Good and Make Someone Else Feel Good?

Send a Tribute Card, created to support the Philadelphia Chapter TTN Giving Circle. It’s a personal and heartfelt way to say Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, Happy Holidays, Thank You, Congratulations or Sorry for Your Loss. 

All funds raised will help the Giving Circle’s mission to improve the lives of women and children in Philadelphia. 

The cost is $25 for a packet of five. To purchase, contact Lori Krain


About Us

Please join us. The TTN Giving Circle is the philanthropic arm of TTN Philadelphia. We are a dedicated group of individuals who pool our giving dollars to support our mission to improve the lives of women, children and youth in Philadelphia. Passionate about making a difference, Giving Circle members not only pool giving dollars, but also conduct educational programs and other initiatives to raise awareness of the significant needs in the city. We also use our annual grant review process to learn and raise awareness of the areas in most need of assistance. Members understand that this method of collective philanthropy increases the impact of each dollar given. This is the POWER OF COLLECTIVE GIVING.

Since its founding in 2013, the TTN Giving Circle has provided more than $135,000 in grants to nonprofit organizations in Philadelphia. Based on the generosity of our members, we plan to award an additional $50,000 in 2021, through two grants of $25,000 each. 

To learn about the nonprofit organizations we have supported, read about our past recipients.

The TTN Giving Circle is also working to increase the scope and diversity of our grant applicants. We believe that organizations that prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) create environments that respect and value individual differences. Inclusive organizations foster cultures that reduce bias and make decisions better able to address systemic inequities. We are committed to equity, diversity, collaboration, inclusiveness, transparency, and accountability.

The TTN Giving Circle is overseen by an Executive Council. The Executive Council defines the Giving Circle’s vision, strategic direction and oversees its general management and operations.  Meet the Executive Council here.  The Executive Council includes five Committees, described below under “Volunteer”, that you may find of interest if you have the time and would like to volunteer your time.

The TTN Giving Circle is pleased to be a member of PHILANOS, a national network dedicated to supporting collective giving organizations. Our Philanos membership will provide us with useful information on Giving Circle activities, trends, issues, and best practices.



Thank you for your interest in The Giving Circle! Together we are working hard, by pooling our resources, to impact the lives of Philadelphia’s underserved women, children and youth. That is the power of collective giving!

We encourage you to think about The Giving Circle as a philanthropic choice, separate from the benefits membership affords. We are pleased to accept gifts at all giving levels

For those joining us for the first time, a gift of $200 or more permits you to become a Giving Circle Voting Member, which gives you the opportunity to help select our final grant recipients at our Voting Meeting in May. It also permits you to participate in multiple events hosted by the Giving Circle, and, most importantly, become part of a community dedicated to supporting vulnerable women, children and youth in our city.

To our current members, if you have not yet done so, please renew your membership now, and invite your friends to join you. 


All contributions made in 2021 will support our 2022 grants cycle. Please note that The Philadelphia Foundation, a community Foundation, administers our donor program and provides us with our 501C3 status

To make your gift by check, please complete this Donation Form and make your check payable to The Philadelphia Foundation. Send it to: TTN Philadelphia Giving Circle, 2401 Pennsylvania Avenue, Unit 15C51, Philadelphia, PA 19130. The check and donation form will be then forwarded to the Philadelphia Foundation. 

To make your gift by credit card, join us now with ONE EASY CLICK!

When you make your gift by credit card, you will receive an acknowledgment from The Philadelphia Foundation in a few minutes. Please forward the acknowledgement email to us at:

Thank you, and we look forward to see both new members and old throughout the year!



The power of our Giving Circle is the generosity of our membership, including those who share their time and talent to ensure our impact in Philadelphia. Regardless of how much time you have to share, one of our committees will be happy to accept your helping hand. Please join us. 

TTN Giving Circle Committees:

Grants Committee – reviews the grant applications, plans and conducts site visits for potential finalists and recommends the final applicants for vote among the Giving Circle membership. The Grants Committee meets between JAN – MAY, and requires a commitment to a number of meetings needed to fulfil the review cycle. The 2021 Grants Committee is filled. To support the 2022 grant cycle, please contact the Giving Circle at the email below.

Development Committee – dedicated to increase the number of new members and donors, retain its existing contributors, and encourage higher levels of giving. It works most closely with the Membership Engagement Committee to welcome new members and create a rewarding experience for its full membership.

Membership Engagement Committee – recognizes the value of our members, building relationships with our growing membership and donor base, and working most closely with the Development Committee.

Program Committee – organizes and conducts compelling educational programing to further the TTN Giving Circle’s mission to our community through our understanding of the challenges facing women, children and youth in Philadelphia. 

Public Relations Committee – designs and implements communications that build awareness of the Giving Circle’s activities and achievements, drives attendance and engagement, and educates the broader TTN community on the needs of Philadelphia’s women, children and youth.

Help us harness the Power of Collective Giving! 

To learn more, contact and one of our committee leads will get back to you.


Contact Carol Cunningham, Giving Circle Chair, at

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