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I already have a lot of friends and belong to several organizations - why should I join TTN?  
TTN is a vibrant and inclusive community of women 50+. You’ll find new friends and make new connections with others who share many of your interests.  We CONNECT to support each other, DISCOVER what's important and determine the IMPACT we want to have on ourselves and those around us.  

What are the biggest benefits of being a part of TTN?
TTN provides opportunities to connect with like-minded women who share your interests with whom you can engage in interesting activities. We have a wide range of opportunities from small-group discussions (Peer Groups), groups with common interests (SIGs), giving back to the community (Volunteer Opportunities), philanthropy (Giving Circle), educational and personal enrichment (Programs) and experiential gatherings (Events).

Can I attend a meeting before I join to see what TTN is like?
There are several opportunities for prospective members to learn more about TTN.  TTN Talk is a small group orientation meeting for new and prospective members to learn more about TTN - register on our Events Calendar.  In addition, many of our activities are open to both members and non-members.  Browse through our Events Calendar and register for any that you find interesting.

How do I join the Transition Network?
Go to the TTN homepage and click JOIN.

Once I join TTN, what can I expect as the first steps?

We have several opportunities for new members to learn about the wide range of  TTN activities in the Philadelphia area and how to get involved.

First, you will receive a New Member Welcome letter.  We offer a monthly Online Welcome Orientation that you can do from home - register on our Events Calendar.  We also have TTN Talk, a monthly group orientation meeting to meet other new members and learn more about TTN - register on our Events Calendar.  And one of our Welcome Ambassadors will contact you to schedule a face-to-face meeting to review all TTN has to offer and answer any questions.
How do I log into the TTN website?
You can only log into the TTN website if you are a member.
Go to the TTN homepage.  At the top rightmost of the page, in the orange MEMBER LOGIN box, enter your e-mail address and password.  Click SUBMIT.
How do I see the Philadelphia pages of the TTN website?

Select Chapters from the blue bar across the top of the TTN home page.  Click on Philadelphia to see the relevant pages for our Chapter.
I love TTN - how can I get more involved?

‚ÄčOur chapter is an all-volunteer organization.  Members find that becoming more involved with the Chapter leads to a more enriching TTN experience.  We have many opportunities for members to become involved - time and commitment are very flexible.  Our Chapter Opportunities page lists some of our immediate needs, but there's always the opportunity to do something else that interests you!
How do I register for an Event?
Some of our events are open to non-members as well as members.  This is a good way to see if TTN is right for you. Members receive a discounted price for events.
If you are a member, Log into the TTN website and navigate to the Philadelphia home page.
On the left-hand menu, select Events Calendar under Philadelphia.
The events are listed in date order, soonest first.  Scroll to the event you’re interested in and click on More Info.

If the Event is Sold Out or past its registration date, you will not be able to register.
If this is a NON-TTN SPONSORED EVENT, you do not register on the TTN website.  Follow the instructions in More Info for registration information.
If this is a TTN SPONSORED EVENT, click on Register for this Event in the orange box on the right.
Click Credit Card, fill in the information and click OK.
The Event I want to attend is Sold Out/Past the Registration Deadline.  Can I still attend?

Email the Event Contact (located on the More Info page of the Event); include your name, phone number and email address asking to be put on the waiting list.  If a position becomes available you will be contacted.
How can I see what events I've registered for?
Log into the TTN website and navigate to the Philadelphia home page.
Click on MY EVENTS on the left.  The Upcoming Events you've registered for are in the top section.  The events you've already attended are in the next section.  Be sure to rate your experience for events you've attended (and don't forget to click Save).
Why aren’t popular events repeated?
They are!  When the waiting list for a popular event has a sufficient number of people, another session is available, and there is a volunteer to sponsor another session, the Event is repeated.  Those on the waiting list are contacted so they can be the first to register for the repeated Event.
What is the difference between a Peer Group and a Special Interest Group (SIG)?

Both SIGs and Peer Groups are benefits of TTN Membership.  You must be a member to participate.

A SIG is a Special Interest Group that brings together members who share common interests, activities or goals.

A Transition Peer Group is a shared leadership group that meets to engage in thought-provoking and stimulating conversations in a safe and supportive environment.
How do I sign up for a Peer Group?
Log into the TTN website and navigate to the Philadelphia home page.
On the left-hand menu, select Transition Peer Group under Philadelphia for information on how to connect with a Peer Group.
How do I sign up for a SIG?
Log into the TTN website and navigate to the Philadelphia home page.

On the left-hand menu, select Special Interest Groups under Philadelphia.  Newly Forming are in the first section.  Existing SIGs are organized by theme.  Click on the theme to see all those SIGs or scroll through all the SIGs.
Contact the person listed to let them know your interest.  If the SIG is At Capacity, you will be put on a waiting list for that SIG and will be contacted when I new SIG is forming.
Why don’t New SIGs form as soon as popular ones are At Capacity and a wait list starts?
They are!  It takes 7 or 8 people to make a successful SIG, so once we have that core group of interested members on the waiting list,  a planning meeting is scheduled to launch the new SIG.

What is the TTN Giving Circle?
The TTN Giving Circle is a dedicated group of primarily women who pool their giving dollars to make a difference in the lives of Philadelphia women, children and youth. Giving Circle members collectively choose a grant recipient each year from a diverse group of nonprofit organizations that have submitted applications demonstrating how they uniquely address the needs of Philadelphia women and children/youth. The value of our grant grows with annual Giving Circle membership and fundraising efforts. Since its inception in 2013, through 2020, the Giving Circle has awarded more than $135,000 in grants and donations.

Passionate about making a difference, Giving Circle members not only pool their giving dollars, but also conduct educational programs to create awareness of the significant needs identified during their annual grant review process. Giving Circle members believe their method of collective philanthropy increases the impact of each dollar given. Learn more HERE.

How can I learn more about TTN Philadelphia's Giving Circle?

To learn more about the Giving Circle click here:  TTN Giving Circle or contact our Executive Council.

Join the TTN Giving Circle by clicking here; become a voting member with a donation of $200 or more. The link will take you to The Philadelphia Foundation, which we thank for facilitating donation logistics.


What are my Membership dues and fees for events used for?

Although we are an all-volunteer organization, there are operating and administrative support expenses necessary to provide our membership with the wide variety of interesting activities that are at the core of a rewarding TTN experience.  A significant portion of the membership dues is dedicated to the legal, regulatory and management of our non-profit organization.

Fees for ativities are used to cover the costs for that activity which may include docent fees, site rental, admissions, name tags, refreshments, etc.

A small amount of each fee is collected and pooled to support activities that are not self-funded and administrative support for the Chapter.
My password is not working.
We cannot look up your password.  To fix this, you must reset your password.  You can reset it to what you think it's supposed to be.
On the TTN home page. in the orange MEMBER LOGIN box (top right), select Forgot password? Click here .  Enter your e-mail address and click submit.  You will receive an email with a link and instructions on how to reset your password.
How do I change my e-mail or home address?
Log into the TTN website.  Click on UPDATE MY INFO on the left.  We recommend you Check here to allow other members to see your address, phone, etc. 
Be sure to click Save!
How do I renew my Membership?

Click on RENEW MY MEMBERSHIP on the left.  Follow the instructions on the page.
How do I change my Password?

Click on CHANGE PASSWORD on the left.  Follow the instructions on the page.
What is my Shopping Cart and how do I see what's in it?
Your shopping cart contains actions that have not yet been paid for, such as Event registrations, membership renewals, donations, etc.

To see what's in your shopping cart, Log into the TTN website.

Either click on the shopping cart icon in the blue bar at the top of the page, or click on My Account and then  SHOPPING CART on the left.  

At the top are any events you have registered for but have not yet paid.  Click on these to make a payment.

If you have other questions, please email to

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