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Transition Peer Groups (TPGs) for Members-Only are the original heart of TTN − groups of women who meet regularly (usually once a month) to talk about topics that they choose and to make connections with other TTN members who can become friends. Members typically share perspectives on the changes in their lives as well as more general personal interests and concerns. It’s not "therapy" but sharing insights with other group members in a confidential environment can be comforting and constructive. 

TPGs are organized and launched by the Peer Group Committee at 2-4 organizing meetings each year depending upon interest. New groups are formed when 8-12 TTN members are available for the same time of day (afternoon or evening.) The group members typically decide the day of the month and specific time together.  (Please note that these groups are for NYC Chapter members only.)

Please DO NOT DESPAIR if you are not placed immediately in a TPG when you sign up for TTN. The Co-Chairs will either offer you a place in a new group that’s starting up and has room for more or they will invite you to the next general organizing meeting.  Click Here for More  Information  (TTN member password required) 

If you are currently coordinating a TPG that's looking for additional members, please notify us and include the following information:  day and time the group meets, brief description of how the group works (e.g., one member always picks topics and facilitates, any specific focus, etc.), whom should we contact and the number of new members you're looking for.

HELP WANTED!!   If you are a member of a TPG who would like to share that great experience, please consider being a mentor for a newly starting group for the first few meetings. You’ll get all the help you’ll need from the Peer Group Committee.

Click Here for More  Information  (TTN member password required) 


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