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Sept. 1, 2021
Caring Times Newsletter September, 2021
  • “Guidelines for In-Person Caring Collaborative Meetings & Member-to-Member Assistance” by Barbara Alpern
  • “How Do You Know When to Go To the Emergency Room?” by Jean Burg, M.D.
  • “Flu TIPS for 2021” by Barbara Stahura

June 1, 2021
Caring Times Newsletter - June 2021
Along with the change in temperature that summer brings, it’s also bringing a change in lifestyle as we slowly approach a “new normal.” However, while some of us are raring to get out there and restart our prior lives, we need to be aware that some of us are not quite ready to take that step or be able to due to certain health issues that make us vulnerable.

Also remember that the Caring Collaborative is here for you. We are exploring ways in which we can safely re-introduce some of the in-person assistance we had provided pre-covid and will let you know soon when those activities can resume. Meanwhile, enjoy the great weather and stay healthy!Read the full article

May 24, 2021
Chapter Newsletter - May 2021
It’s time for the first days of glorious weather, for peonies and roses and many ways to connect with the vibrant women of TTN NYC.

It’s time for renewal. Through the challenges of the past year, TTN has been with us, keeping us connected, engaging us with fulfilling activities and lifting our spirits. Just as each of us are renewing and restarting, so is TTN NYC. Our all-volunteer organization is seeking “a few good women” to fill openings in key leadership positions.

In the articles that follow, Joyce Grossman highlights the benefits of becoming a TTN leader, drawing on the experiences of current and past leaders. Nancy Gold challenges us to think about situations when we are excluded and asks for our comments. Joan Menschenfreund writes an ode to the meaningful connections TTN women make, describing how friendships made by a group of outdoor diners will move into Spring. Learn how Sally Dougan turns flowers into art and check out her “In Case You Missed It.”Read the full article

April 2, 2021
Chapter Newsletter - April 2021
With the arrival of April light, and two shots in my arm, I’m cautiously looking down the road in joyful anticipation. How about you? Have you ever been happier waving goodbye to 12 months in the rearview mirror?

While TTN still offers plenty of opportunities for us to meet on Zoom, now vaccinated members can finally begin to connect safely in person! Check out the latest Events Calendar to find out about TTN Pop-Up Events this Spring.

In the articles that follow, Nancy Gold shares lessons she has learned over the past year, and I reveal your post-pandemic fantasies. TTN Poet in Residence Harriet Shenkman offers up a celebratory poem, and we spotlight TTN author Erica Abeel’s soon-to-be-released novel. Finally, read In Case You Missed It to learn all about recent TTN events.Read the full article

March 24, 2021
Caring Times March 2021
Spring is upon us, and with it brings a light at the end of the tunnel, as we all receive our vaccinations. However, we need to continue all the precautions we’ve been following so diligently until the science tells us that we can safely gather again. Meanwhile, the Caring Collaborative is here for you and while we still can’t provide in-person help, come see what kind of assistance we can

February 1, 2021
Chapter Newsletter - Feb 2021
We welcome a sense of calm and civility as we move forward through February, the shortest month. Have we escaped the worst of winter? Can the splendors of Spring be far behind?

Looks like we’ll still be pretty much holed up for a while though, even if we’re lucky enough to have snagged appointments for the Covid vaccine. Happily, we can continue to participate in the myriad wonderful Zoom possibilities offered by TTN.

Sit back and enjoy Joyce Grossman’s helpful article on ways to survive the pandemic. See and comment on Nancy Gold’s article on computer readiness and her vaccine hunting issues. Our Poet in Residence Harriet Shenkman has provided a poem to ponder. And catch up on recent TTN events with Sally Dougan.

Also be sure to check out our special feature, Post-Pandemic Fantasy, which asks you to let us know if you have a particular dream or fantasy for the post-pandemic world.

Finally, if you want to laugh and feel uplifted, check out the Inward Bound issues of January 6th and 20th.Read the full article

January 1, 2021
Chapter Newsletter - January 2021
2020 threw us some curves and BIG challenges, but we hope you agree that your TTN chapter has weathered them just fine.

We’ve increased our programming, albeit virtual, and been able to meet and get to know members from the other chapters. We’ve kept our TPG’s, SIG’s and CC groups going as well as making sure our members get the support they needed during this global crisis. We added Inward Bound to keep us all
amused, and even welcomed some new members.Read the full article

December 1, 2020
Caring Times December, 2020
Winter is upon us, as is the need to be especially careful to avoid crowds and indoor gatherings, as well as the usual precautions that have by now become a regular part of our lives. Meanwhile, the Caring Collaborative is here for you and while we still can’t provide in-person help, click here to see what kind of assistance we can provide. Read more...

Don’t miss these articles: 
  • Health TIP: Seasonal Flu has returned, are you ready?
  • Would You Consider a “COVID Pod" to Cope with Social Isolation This Winter?
  • Winter Balance Tips
  • Importance of Planning Ahead for Help You May Need as You Get Older

November 1, 2020
TTN NYC Chapter News - November 2020
We’ve certainly had a few clouds this year, but for those of you who are going virtual, here are some lighthearted upsides that may have escaped your notice... Read more...

October 5, 2020
TTN NYC Chapter News - October 2020
Yes, OK, Halloween is this month, but don’t you think we have more than enough to be jittery about? So this TTN-NYC newsletter has no scary stories or goofy ideas for homemade costumes or treats for tricksters. Instead, we focus on the story of one TTN-NYC woman who helped make quite a difference in what we will see on our walks in Central Park. Read Susan Karp’s fascinating account of how the monument to the pioneers of women’s rights came to be. Also, given that we’re all in a place where self reflection is something we actually have time for, do read and comment upon Nancy Gold’s latest thoughtful offering. Catch up on TTN events from last month with Sally Dougan. Read more...

September 14, 2020
Caring Times - September 2020

Fall is here and will bring some cooler weather that will invigorate us to exercise outdoors and appreciate the beauty of colorful leaves along our sidewalks and in our parks! Please take care of yourself and stay healthy. Hopefully, you’ll find some of the information in this issue of the Caring Times helpful during this challenging time! Read more...

July 15, 2020
TTN NYC Chapter News - Summer 2020

Remember the “Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer”?
We’ve certainly had the (enforced) Lazy ones, and the Hazy ones, but Crazy seems an understatement for our ongoing Pandemic mode! These are the “Hanging In” days of Summer so far. And Hang In we will!

Some of the holidays we could be celebrating in July and August (National Ice Cream Month, National Cat Day, National Left-Handers Day) are swell, but I’d like to celebrate and give recognition to TTN for providing such good support for us throughout this challenging time.
Read more...

June 1, 2020
Caring Times - June 2020
“Rediscovering the Telephone”
“Exploring the New World of Telemedicine”
 “Dealing with Quarantine Emotions” 
TIPs on “Updating Your Medical ‘GO BAG’ for an Emergency Hospitalization”

May 1, 2020
May 2020 Chapter News

Six weeks into lockdown as I write, and TTN and its resourceful members are creatively adapting to a terrifying global virus that has upended many of our assumptions and plans about the future of life as we know it. But, as they say (Wo)man Proposes, God Disposes. And God or the universe has given us Covid-19 to test our resilience and our will. Read more...

April 1, 2020
April 2020 Chapter Newsletter
Your TTN friends are here for you…

How can this be? Just when many of us are feeling vulnerable and want most to be with friends, we are told to stay home, stay apart. While we can’t be physically together as we fight this pandemic, our TTN-NYC Chapter has ways to keep us connected during this difficult time Read more...

March 1, 2020
Caring Times - March 2020

Spring is on the way (we hope!) and, on behalf of the Caring Collaborative Council, we wish you warmer and sunnier days! We also hope you find some time to read the valuable articles in this issue of the Caring Times! Read more...

February 1, 2020
TTN NYC Chapter News - February 2020

2020 is a year of significant anniversaries: the 150th for NYC’s beloved Metropolitan Museum, the 100th for Women's Suffrage and the League of Women Voters and the 50th for Earth Day. 

2020 also marks the 20th Anniversary of TTN! For twenty years, TTN-NYC, the first and original chapter, has been the home for women who continue to lead the way and break the rules.  Read more...

December 1, 2019
Caring Times - December 2019
We at the Caring Collaborative wish you all a very Happy Holiday Season and a Healthy and Happy New Year. We also hope you find some time to read the valuable articles in this issue of the Caring Times! Read more...

Don’t miss these articles:  
Amy Epstein’s article, “Managing Holiday Stress”
NIA/NIH article, “Skin Care and Aging”
Barbara Stahura’s “Health TIP – It’s Flu Season. Are You Ready?”

And be sure to check out:  
Our upcoming TTN events  
Autumn Neighborhood Group reports
Caring Collaborative Members’ Do’s & Don’ts chart
Sally Dougan's In Case You Missed It Read more...

November 1, 2019
Chapter Newsletter - November 2019
Meaningful, constructive, fun, warm connections are what TTN-NYC is all about.  Read more...

October 16, 2019
October 2019 Chapter Newsletter

Nancy Gold’s Confession: I Unfriended 3 Friends        
Debbi Honorof’s: Lifelong Learning     
Susan Nieder Acunto & Karen Gens’ TTN Short List                    

Suzanne Charlé’s Just in Time: NEW Statue of Liberty Museum opens

Nancy Gold’s Responses to 9 of My Pet Peeves     

Sally Dougan’s In Case You Missed It (Hey, that’s me!) Read more...

September 15, 2019
Caring Times - September 2019
Fall is around the corner, and with it comes cooler air and re-energized NYC chapter members. See below for some interesting Caring Times articles to kick off the new season. Read more...

July 16, 2019
TTN NYC Chapter News - Summer 2019
 Summertime…and the livin’ is easy…. 

Time to be out and about! Check out the ‘Short (Longer) List’ of fun things to keep these summer days hopping. And while you are making plans to meet up with friends and family, Nancy Gold offers her ‘‘should I phone or text or email?’ advice to make that happening happen. Our new (to NYC Chapter) member, Debbie Honorof, explores lifelong learning opportunities at our doorstep. See what passed us by in June   as recapped by Sally Dougan, 'In Case You Missed It', and finally vent those frustrations we encounter as tourists swarm to our great city.  Read more... 

June 16, 2019
June 2019 Chapter News ( Caring Times)
We at the Caring Collaborative wish you all a warm and bright summer, and hope you find some time to read the valuable articles in this issue of the Caring Times!

Don’t miss these articles: 

  • Amy Epstein’s article: “How to Improve Balance to Avoid a Fall”
  • “Hearing Loss 101” - Article by audiologist Ellen Pfeffer Lafargue, Au.D., CCC-A 
  • Barbara Alpern’s article on Medical Alert Systems 
Read more... 

June 5, 2019
May 2019 Chapter News
“Spring is nature's way of saying, 'Let's party! '” (Robin Williams) And so we did at our awesome Spring Festival. Just as with any terrific party or experience, we want to share the joy with our readers and, we want the spell to last. So, we’ve decided to devote most of this newsletter to our recent Festival.  Read more... 

April 8, 2019
April 2019 Chapter Newsletter

We thought it would never end, but the dreary winter of 2019 is finally behind us. As the days grow longer, brighter and warmer, it’s time to happily anticipate all that lies ahead. Read on to discover more about TTN’s not-to-be-missed Spring Festival event on April 27 th ! Be sure to check out Short List for the scoop on other NYC April happenings, and be inspired by the writings of Nancy Gold and Harriet Shenkman.   Read more... 

March 11, 2019
March 2019 Caring Times
  • Amy Epstein’s article: “It’s Like Having 385 Friends”
  • “10 Books for Us to Read Now” - Article by Sally Wendkos Olds
  • Naomi Goodhart’s Article, “Joint Replacement of Hips and Knees”
  • “NYC Caring Collaborative Makes the News” 
  • Programs presented in February by TTN and partners

February 18, 2019
February 2019 Chapter Newsletter

  • Chipping Away at that Tired Label “Little Old Lady”
  • Responses: Don't Let Other People Waste Your Time
  • TTN's Short List
  • YOU, The Invisible Woman???
  • A trio of poems celebrating female bonding
  • And much more...
Read more... 

January 7, 2019
January 2019 Chapter Newsletter
Happy 2019! January is a time for taking stock and making resolutions. Perhaps you have decided this is the year to eschew fad diets or a new spin class, and feast on good deeds - scientifically proven to make you feel much better.

Be encouraged by Eileen Kobrin’s work at The Fortune Society and check out Judy Glass’s tips for jumpstarting your volunteer efforts.

And while we're on the subject of helping others, don't forget about your own precious self. Read Nancy Gold's terrific advice about not letting others take advantage of your precious time . And do share your thoughts and comments. Speaking the fun feedback to Nancy's "3 Weddings and 1 Hissy Fit.
Read more... 

December 10, 2018
December 2018 Caring Times Newsletter
On behalf of the Caring Collaborative Council, we wish you all a very Happy Holiday and a Healthy and Prosperous New Year!

Don’t miss this issue’s features:

  • Amy Epstein’s article about taking a seat on the subway
  • Repost of an important article by Barbara Stahura about Urgent Care Centers
  • Our recently updated manual “What You Need to Know When You Go to the Hospital -- Before, During and After”
  • Sally Dougan's Review of TTN programs presented in November
Read more... 

November 2018 Chapter Newsletter
Tis the season of thankfulness. We are thankful for, celebrate and honor those we hold dear - our family and friends. Take a trip down memory lane as Betty Rauch narrates some of our TTNers “ Favorite Holiday and Memories.”  And there's a whole lot more to get you in a Thanksgiving mood!  Read more... 

October 2018 Chapter Newsletter
Let’s celebrate the role of women in American society as the mid-term election approaches. Learn how to harness your energy to service democracy in Every Vote Counts— Now More Than Ever by Marticia Moore Madory. Treat yourself to a great meal after you vote on November 6th at one of the restaurants in Highly Recommended.  Be inspired by The Rise of Women in American Politics and the courage of an actress turned activist in Cynthia Nixon Takes on Cuomo by Suzanne Charlé from NYCitywoman.  Women Dancing with the Stars by Harriet Shenkman reminds us of what great women can accomplish. And catch up with Sally Dougan’s Did You Miss These?   Read more... 

Caring Times September, 2018
Don’t miss these articles:
  • Amy Epstein’s article about Making New Friends
  • Making the First Move
  • Mayo Clinic Article: Friendships: Enrich your life and improve your health
  • HEALTH TIP about Preventive & Screening Services Covered by Your Insurance
  • The programs presented in July and August by TTN and partners

Summer 2018 NYC Newsletter
At TTN, we’re all about change and all kinds of transitions, like MaryLou Floyd and Phyllis Meissel becoming our new chapter co-chairs. Change it up with Nancy Gold’s What Is in YOUR Pocketbook? A Fun Insight into the Mysterious Abyss. Catch up with Sally Dougan’s Did You Miss These? Reflect on Ellen Freed’s Highly Recommended.  And lighten up with our new TTN Writers' Spotlight, featuring our poet-in-residence.  Read more... 

June Chapter Newsletter
June is busting out all over and the June issue of the Caring Times newsletter is bursting with wonderful items to share with you.  Don’t miss these articles:
  • Amy Epstein’s article on the hazards of walking around in NYC!
  • The Importance of the Shingles Vaccine
  • Pharmacy Discounts
  • The programs presented in May by TTN and partners 
  • Our upcoming TTN events
  • Spring Neighborhood Group reports
  • Caring Collaborative Members' Do’s & Don’ts chart
Read more... 

May Chapter Newsletter
May is a gem of a month, so let’s celebrate the many facets of TTNers! 
Applaud CREATIVITY as Linda Sicher’s video takes us on “An Artist’s TTN Journey”. Celebrate INNOVATION with Ellen Freed’s publishing adventures in “Budapest Meets Baltimore in New York City to Help Save the World". Honor COMPASSION in Nancy Gold’s “When Sadness Hits a Friend, Listen!” Get INSPIRATION from “Highly Recommended” and catch up with “Did You Miss These?".  Read more...

April Chapter Newsletter
Spring is also a great time to explore new things. See what's in bloom this season in the New York chapter (Friendships, Mindfulness, Restaurant and Travel recommendations and much more!) Read more... 

Caring Times March 2018
Hooray!!!... It’s March… that means Spring is almost here. What a great time to do some new things, like….. Getting Organized – Taking the First Steps , or checking out health options like Urgent Care and Dental Insurance & Low Cost Care  to see if they are right for you. Learn the advantages of belonging to the Caring Collaborative. Read more...

February 2018 Chapter Newsletter
Valentine’s Day reminds us love springs eternal. See “Finding Love After 60 ,” the true love story TTNer.  Share your opinions on Yoga Etiquette and enhance your reading and eating choices with this month’s "Highly ecommended". Read more... 

NYC Newsletter - January 2018
We’re treating our monthly newsletter to a make-over — the full spa package! The new year is the perfect time to take a fresh look at things!  Read more... 

December 1, 2017 
Caring Times December 2017
A myriad of valuable tips on Back Pain, Preparing for the Hospital, Cooking for One, Fighting the Flu and More are available in the December 2017 Caring Times.   Read more... 

November 2, 2017
November Chapter Newsletter
No matter how you feel about technology or where you fit in the digital landscape, this newsletter is for YOU! Explore the ways technology is changing the face of aging, your quality of life, safety and social connections.  Read more...

October 2, 2017
October Chapter Newsletter
Explore:  Our chapter-wide celebration, social entanglements that  may arise when a single person and a couple dine together,  a tour of more than 20 "Private Libraries"  everything you may have missed over the summer. So don't miss out on what's coming up  Read more..

September 11, 2017
Caring Times - September Chapter Newsletter
The importance of staying active, asking help for help, health tips,  Read more... 

July/August 9, 2017
July/August Chapter Newsletter

Travel is the ultimate escape for us all - a break from the routine, a stimulus to the mind or body, a soothing of the soul.  Read more...

June 9, 2017
The Caring Times - June Chapter Newsletter
If things look dingy or less sharp, read Rona Cherry's article on Cataract Surgery.  It's clear as day!
Amy Epstein's blog about quick energy boosts is both entertaining and informative. Also if the sun ever shows up again, "Sun Screen FAQ's" will be very helpful. And don't miss CC's Guide to peaceful place in and around NY Read more... 

May, 2017
May Chapter Newsletter
This issue of the newsletter is dedicated, with much gratitude, to the 62 devoted TTN members who contribute their time and skills to help run the New York City Chapter.

April, 2017
April Chapter Newsletter
Last year we introduced a new program called Life Transition Services (LTS) that focuses on talking circles and workshops led by professional facilitators with expertise in transition.  

March, 2017
Caring Times-March Chapter Newsletter
To ensure you walk in comfort, read Amy Epstein's article about her feet.  
Read Dr. Ellen Pfeffer Lafargue's very informative article about Hearing Loss.  
For a quick reminder of everything the Caring Collaborative (CC) offers and how to request services, see the article by Barbara Stahura and our Coordinator, Shawndra Card-Grant, about taking full advantage of the CC.  
Finally, check out the delicious healthy recipes included below! Read more... 

February, 2017
February Chapter Newsletter
Winter often brings or deepens a sense of isolation.  As you'll see from the articles below, isolation comes in all shapes and sizes. Read more...

January, 2017
January Chapter Newsletter
We're facing some interesting times in this country and it is clear that many of you are frustrated and eager to take action.  This newsletter offers you some options.

December 2016
The Caring Times
Feeling Older? Puleeze
Health Maintenance Tip – Sepsis; GERD
Fear of Falling and What You Can Do

September 2016
The Caring Times
Long-Term Care Insurance and a True Story
A Place for Mom
Health maintenance tip
Your Memory and You

April 2016
The Caring Times
Health maintenance tip - shingles
Medical alert systems
Caregivers and families helping loved ones with dementia
When should you get a second medical opinion?

January 2016
The Caring Times
Urgent care: When is it right for me? 
How to find the right doctor
Is there a hospitalist in your future?

September 2015
The Caring Times
Health maintenance tip - are you fast?
It’s not over yet!
Research about healthy aging
Guaranteed to make you smile

May 2015
The Caring Times
Health maintenance tip - how to fall
Counting sheep
Avoid surprise medical expenses
Research about healthy aging
February 2015
The Caring Times
Medicare Q & A's
It's not too late for ACA enrollment
3 ways to take advantage of your caring collaborative membership
Health maintenance tip - shingles
What are your wishes?

October 2014
The Caring Times
What is the difference between a will and a living will?

June 2014
The Caring Times
If you have to go to the hospital
Medicare prescription drug appeal


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