Support TTN

To:  TTN members who are Marketing & Communications professionals (current/former) and  wannabes!

The Marketing & Communications (MarCom) Committee could use new expertise and ideas to help increase our overall visibility and let others of our cohort know we are here for them.  Currently we are working on:
  • Getting journalists and influencers interested in writing about TTN and all that we offer
  • Creating a social marketing presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, blogs, etc.
  • Updating and upgrading our website content
  • Enlightening our members on how to take advantage of all that TTN offers
  • Continuing to publish our monthly newsletters and weekly eblast events announcements
  • Welcoming new ideas to accomplish our goals and see them through to execution!

The MarCom committee of a dozen talented and fun-to-be-with members meets monthly; projects are worked on independently or in groups. As we start the New Year, think about applying your creativity and know-how to a worthy endeavor.  Let us know if you are interested and have any questions by emailing to