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League of Women's Voters & TTN-NYC

TTNer's love to volunteer.  That's 60% of us to be exact in the NYC chapter according to our recent survey.  And that includes a number of the members of the Civic Action SIG who work frequently with the League of Women's Voters (LWV)....and eight women in particular but we're getting ahead of ourselves.

   That's Amy Epstein (left) and Linda Marcus (right) with
   another LWV volunteer on a city street with clipboards. 
   Can you tell they are registering voters?  Probably not,
   no one else could either.  The only signage was a small 
   LWV sticker they wore on their chest!  After several
   unsuccessful attempts trying to engage people in order
   to register them, our TTNers suggested that perhaps the
   LWV needed better “street presence.” 

So talented Amy designed a tee shirt with the LWV logo that would solve this perdicament and raised the money to
produce a supply of them from other involved SIG members. 
And because the League can sell the shirts, it also provides a source of income for them.

  LWV volunteers registering New Yorkers on the street can
  now be better identified wearing our tee shirts.   TTNers 
  volunteering for voter registration, be sure to ask the LWV
  for a shirt.  This is how we roll at TTN-NYC, bringing
  women together to take action where it is needed.  Thanks
  to Amy and Harriet Mayer, Freda Johnson, Pamela Roderick,
  Bobby Rose, Linda Paige Levine, Barbara Zwiebel and
  Barbara Schreibman.

   And remember to Vote!  Louder!


Material from, 18:31:20 September 19, 2021.
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